Dec 3, 2007

Will it erupt ?

In 1883,one of the largest volcano eruptions,Krakatua,erupted in one of the islands in Indonesia.
The eruption was so great that it blew up most of the island and the water level rose to 2667ft. which caused great destruction and 36417 people were reported killed.
The outpouring of lava was so great that new islands were formed.

In 1991,Mount Pinatubo in the island of Luzon ,Philippines,erupted after being dormant for sometime.The island was buried with over 3oo sq.m of volcanic ash and 800 people were reported killed

One of the causes of volcanic eruptions are the pulling apart of the tectonic plate of the earth and the presence of hotspots.

Will it erupt again?
Well,it has 'erupted' in May 13th 1969.
Obviously,the 'it' I am referring to is our beloved country,Malaysia.

We are bless that we do not have a natural volcano in Malaysia but will be having one soon, albeit with our own doing.
Indeed, our country is truly bless that we have so many natural resources with the main one being,oil and gas.

The current happenings in the country do not augur well for us.
I would not like to delve into the many ills that plaque the country currently.
Many intellects like,Dr.Azly Rahman,Bakri Musa,Lim Kit Siang,Nathaniel Tan,Raja Petra,Farish Noor and others have already written time and again on the unhappiness,displeasures,frustrations and disappointments of the people.To write again will add more fuel to the fire.

The demonstration by Hindraf has certainly created an uneasy feeling among the people and it certainly is a major hotspot for the ignition of fire.
As mentioned by Dr.Azly Rahman,it is not an Indian problem as other races would also like to fight for their rights.

When the weak is pushed against the wall,the only way out is to fight back.

As I have mentioned, Malaysia is truly a bless country with many natural resources.
If only the country had been governed efficiently thirty years ago,we would have put Singapore in our pocket,so to speak.
Now,the vast differences in all major aspects of the two countries are for the world to see.

To govern a blessed country without success is a sin.
At this point of time,I sincerely hope our PM can already hear,see and feel the outcry of the people and tackle them immediately.

I remember seeing our DPM holding a copy of the Blue Ocean Strategy some time ago.

Lets move the various corridors of development at a fast and furious pace.
Projects should be awarded to companies that are of muhhibah partnership instead of to a single race.
Lets maximize our resources and energy and move the economy ahead so that the economic cake is big enough to be shared by all and no race shall be left behind.
The various races should interact in the economic field so that competition is irrelevant among them and join forces to face the onslaught of economic globalization.

Instead of creating a baptism of fire for demonstration,the government should stimulate a baptism of fire for the people to have a sense of belonging.
And what better way do to this than to offer equal opportunities for all,from the government to the private sector.
The government must be seen to be doing it!

There is no country in the world whereby the people are so divided by race through the ingenuity policies of the government as in Malaysia.
Very often we hear and read of racial slurs,from the parliament to the school and from the street to the house.
Another major hotspot.

When a volcano erupts,it will leaves a trail of destructions of properties and deaths.
In the case of Malaysia,it will be the destruction of the economy and will cause immeasurable losses of livelihood to the people.
Can we afford to have our economy destroyed?
Who will suffer more?
Is that what we want?

I always believe Malaysia is a heaven to live in.It is the politicians who are making it hell.

I am not a volcanologist and so I do not know how much of megaforce and how many hotspots to make a volcano erupt.
Whatever it is,I pray to Allah,Jesus Christ,Goddess of Mercy,Lord Muruga and all other immortals, please never let this 'volcano' in Malaysia erupt.

Never again.