Apr 29, 2008

Penang Dragon Boat Race

If the bitch, oops sorry, I mean beach is the problem to organizing the Dragon Boat Race, then the Penangites should do it themselves.
Of course you have to clean the beach first.

Penangites can organize activities to solicit funds,starting from the ordinary people, businessmen, big corporations and the Pakatan Rakyat governments.

Once this is successfully done, the event can be proudly proclaimed "Ditaja oleh rakyat Pulau Pinang."
This will prove to the BN idiots that the more difficulties they create, the more united the people are and can make this as the first nail into their "political" coffin.

What if the Barisan Nasional had won the election with a landslide victory?

The lost of five states and the Federal Territory during the last general election to the opposition parties had indeed dealt a devastating blow to the BN.
As if the blow is not strong enough, the formation of the Pakatan Rakyat among the opposition parties has certainly crushed the pride and arrogance of the BN in general and the Umnoputras in particular.
Like the Transformer in the movie, we see how the omnipotent BN politicians after the massive repudiation by the people being transformed to humble beings.
The laconic MCA leader is acting tough and speaking out for the Chinese community now.
The Education Minister has apologized over the keris issue which must has haunted him and put to rest now.
The PM has announced plans to improve the judiciary system and to set-up an independent ACA to further combat corruption effectively.
The PM has also humbly define the meaning of ketuanan Melayu, which according to him is not about the Malays being in a position to dominate, rule over and force their power over other races.
I believe there will be more smorgasbord of promises by the government and whatever it is, this post election has certainly brings an aura of hope for the people.
A hope for change, that is.
One pertinent question which we should ask ourselves – what if the BN had won with a landslide victory? What will be the political milieu now?
Will the keris be waved more aggressively?
Will the Umnoputras be more cocky and arrogant?
Will there be more rampant corruptions?
Will the other races be further marginalized and discriminated?
Will the judiciary always be correct, correct, correct?
If the BN government is willing to change or seems to be changing or has changed for the betterment of the people and the country, do you think we should consider supporting them again?

Apr 28, 2008

The Great Balkis Robbery

Crooks will always have crooked ideas.

Pakatan Rakyat - Who cares what is the skin color of the cat?

Black color,white color or brown color,as long as it catches the mouse,it is a good cat.

So, what is the problem?

Apr 26, 2008

Ninth Malaysia Plan - A case study in review

The Ninth Malaysia Plan represents the first five- year blueprint of the National Mission outlining the policies and key programmes to thrust the economy forward for the 2006 - 2010 period and was officially launched by the Prime Minister on the 31st March 2006
It has already been two years since the launched, so let us review the Ninth Malaysian Plan and the direction it is heading.
Let us take this as a political platform for an open discussion and use the following questionnaires as a guideline so that we can focus on the core issues .
1) Looking at the allocations of the budget to all the ministries, can you name a project and achievement of significant by any ministry?
2) Do you think the Ministries of Education and Higher Education (refer to below link) are justified to be given such a high allocation?
3) All the states are already allocated a budget for development (refer to below link). Why is the Federal Government so reluctant or hesitant to provide the money to the Pakatan Rakyat government to continue the development plans?

4) “There are many projects we are in the process of reviewing,” said the PM. (The Star 24.04.08). Do you agree that major projects should be reviewed?
5) Looking at the world economy, especially in the United States, do you think the implementation of the Ninth Malaysian Plan is taking us to the right direction to a progressive, peaceful and prosperity for all Malaysians?
6) What are you views on the current political situation in relation to the outcome of the Ninth Malaysian Plan?

Apr 22, 2008

Where Is The Minister Of Transport?

I am sure there are many of us who have to practically suffer the mental torture of going to work by being caught in traffic jams.
These jams are aged old problems where numerous complains have already been reported and the end result is always the same, back to square one.
There is practically no rule of law as far as the taxi and bus drivers are concern.
The main road along the Central Market and Dayabumi for example, is being conveniently turned into a mini bus station with buses and taxis blocking the smooth flow of traffic.
As you drive further down to the Kotaraya Complex, there is not only one row, but two rows of buses parked rampantly,thereby worsening the traffic jam.
Then as you drive further down, is the notorious Puduraya jam. Again, there are buses, taxis and private vehicles parked along the road and thus, blocking the traffic flow. They do not give two hoots about the jam caused by them.
The buses and taxis drivers are acting like king of the road.
You honk them once, they will stare at you, twice, they will shout at you and three times, god bless you if you are not whack by them.
Like a hawk waiting for its prey, these taxi drivers will wait for the right customers to strike by charging them exorbitant fares which gives a very bad impression to the tourists.
The continuous disregard for traffic rules and being belligerent as they are, these taxi drivers seem to have rendered the power of the relevant authorities powerless.
Hello, where is the Minister of Transport, JPJ and the Police?
If you would like to have more traffic information, please turn on to Light & Easy radio program, you will hear reports of traffic jams here, there and practically everywhere and everyday in the city.
Just a half an hour heavy downfall will make the traffic jam like hell which can be tormenting as you drive.

Our public transport system is destined to be in a mess.
And you do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand why, when you consider this:
There are more than ten bus companies plying the outstation routes, about ten companies serving the city areas, about five taxi companies serving the city and as for the train transport, we have Star, Putra, KTM, Komuter, Monorail and ERL and they all belong to different companies.
It is incredulous that such an incoherent transport system can be approved to be in operation.
How on earth is the public transport system going to be efficient when all of them are fighting for business survival?
The rampant presence of the ticket touts in Puduraya and KLIA is testimonial to this rivalry, not to mention the damages cause to the country’s image.
The Putra trains are always packed with passengers like a sardine can during and after office hours which is not surprising considering that it can only has two carriages.
If we are going to take the frequent breakdowns and late arrivals, especially KTM Komuter into consideration, then traveling by train is just as bad.
It is a pitiful sight to see elderly people,handicaps and travelers lugging their luggage from the Brickfields Monorail Station, crossing the heavy traffic road and then walk more than 400m to the KL Sentral station to take another train to continue the journey. They will be lucky if it is not raining. There are several other more interchange stations which are just not as user friendly.
Hello, Minister of Transport, JPJ, and Police, what are you going to do about this?
If we don’t complain, the Minister will think that everything is OK. When we complain, other people will say that we are wasting our time as there is nothing much you can expect them to do.
So, how?
Complain or don’t complain?

Apr 18, 2008

Where do our politicians stand – a dimwit, intelligent or an evil?
Dimwits are people lacking in intelligence and common sense. As such, they are often been labeled as stupid and are incompetent in any given tasks.
The word intelligence comes from a latin word which means "to understand". By this definition, intelligent people often have the high ability to perform any given tasks.
Evil is a term that is often used to indicate negative moral with intentions to be cruel and is often contrasted with good.
Now, evil people are more complex.They are like the chameleon, who can change and adapt according to their evil intentions with the most frightening one being the association with killings and murders.
Adolf Hitler, Jack The Ripper and Idi Amin are some historical examples of evilness. The first one killed millions of Jews during the Second World War at the infamous concentration camps while the second one stalked his victims before murdering them by ripping them apart and the third one was a dictator who not only killed his political enemies but ate their flesh as well!
The Mongolian lady murder case is a modern example of evilness.
The victim was not only being shot point blank in the head, her body was blown into pieces with C4 explosives!
This is evilness of the highest level!
As mentioned earlier, evil people can also be intelligent and act like chameleon to change their personality. This is why the police are unable to solve the Mongolian lady murder case.
He is still on the loose and can be someone on the road or can be someone who appears on the news media frequently, like a star or a VIP. He can still smile and behave normally as if nothing has ever happened which is one of the main traits of an evil person.
The politicians will be converging in Parliament for the Dewan Rakyat sitting soon
It will be interesting to see who the dimwits and the intelligent ones are.
I expect the dimwits from the ruling party to talk rubbish and just follow accordingly because they basically do not have any good sense of politics. Their arguments are usually feckless and their presence is nothing more than perfunctory. The intelligent ones can act like a dimwit to please their leaders and can also argue intelligently if the situation arises. So, either way it pleases their leaders.
It is the evil ones who will always lead because of their abilities to manipulate facts and figures during debates with the opposition parties. They do not care about the outcome, they care more about their income.
Now that BN has lost its two-third majority, UMNO is being very restless to the brim of running amok. The Umnoputras in particular are filled with anger and animosities and they have every intention to destabilize the Pakatan Rakyat government.
They will shout, they will protest and they will threaten.
Just like the evil people who have no feeling for the victims’ sufferings, the Umnoputras do not care a damn that their actions will affect the economy and security of the country.
They will keep on plotting to disrupt the administration of the Pakatan Rakyat.
They just do not care, as long as they are able to kill off the Pakatan Rakyat government and restore Umno’s hegemony, the others are all secondary.
So you see, evils are always associated with killings
In the James Bond movies, agent 007 is always being assigned to track and eliminate the evil villain before he can destroy the world.
Like James Bond, you can also track to kick the evil ones out before they can destroy the country.You do not need a license to kill, all you need is some intelligence.
Can you identify the evil ones for “elimination”?

Apr 15, 2008

Business versus Politics
For many days, I have noticed something very unfamiliar in front of my shop.
It is the traffic. The volume of vehicles and pedestrians seems to be decreasing.
Well, I thought maybe it is due to the rainy weather, maybe the people have not got their salaries yet or maybe the major festivals were already over. Or so it seems.
I called my business friend just to check it out.
“Hello boss, how is your business?”
“It’s bad man. In fact it has been bad before and after the election. Those politicians really screwed things up,” lamented my friend.
After comforting him with all the “maybe” theories, I decided to further check the market situation by asking my customers and suppliers.
Oh boy, when the feedbacks were gathered, the current market conditions really do not seem promising.
My next instinct is to do a first quarter sales analysis and the feedbacks were right on!
Business has dropped 20% !
Shit man, I have rentals to pay, mouths to feed, education fees and many other bills to pay and if this sales trend continue to deteriorate, I will be in deep shit soon.
While sales are coming down, my blood pressure is going up.
My only consolation is that I will not be alone under these circumstances.
There will be many people who are just like me, a middle income earner with plenty of bills to pay and just enough to survive with the ever escalating cost of living.
Hey man, then how about those low income earners? How are they to manage their living expenses?
It is definitely going to be very tough for them.
Go and talk to any businessman and I bet you will get the same feedback.
And now with the United States going into recession, the rest of the world is likely to follow suit.
The worldwide economy certainly looks gloomy.
Politic is killing us economically!
So, may I ask the politicians, what are you going to do about this?
Are you going to continue bickering for your political survival or are you going to look into the plights of the people in their daily survival?
For heaven’s sake, election is already over.
So, to all the politicians whoever wins or loses, please get over with it. Winning and losing is all part of life.
Please stopped all the belligerent and piffle commentaries and start to talk some economic sense with the same wavelength.
The cancellation of the MoUs by the Tourism Ministry which was retaliated with some raids by the opposition government in Langkawi during one of its tourism programme is a classic example of how idiotic our politicians are.. This tit-for-tat is clear stupidity in the eyes of the foreign investors.
That is cow sense in the business world.
We have a ready pool of local industrialists who, if given further attractive incentives, will gladly expand locally rather than in overseas. This will certainly provide a good catalyst in stimulating the local economy and we must contain them before they too,like the foreign investors will invest in other countries.
To those politicians, who do not have the right attitude in politics, please compensate it with gumption and empathy. Yes, be emphatic! Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
If you are an investor, do you have the confidence to invest your money here under the current political milieu?
If you are an ordinary citizen, do you like what is happening currently in the country?
For the sake of everyone, I would like to urge all politicians to discard whatever differences and please move our economy forward before we are being pushed further backward by all the political upheavals.
God has given us five senses to use in our daily lives.
I would like to give you, the politicians, a sixth sense to use in your political lives.
This sixth sense is, the common sense.
Please use it without fear or favor.

Apr 12, 2008

The Spoilt Child
Human beings are truly one of a kind.
The homosapein that we are, no matter where, is the same.
However, there is a race of a different kind which although looks like us, think and act very differently.This species is known as Umnoputra and can only be found in Malaysia.
Do you remember when you were young and did something naughty and got whacked by your parents?
After that you would promised your parents that you will be a good boy and not be naughty anymore. Had you being a good boy then, you will not get whacked and suffered the pain, right?
Many of us have taken things for granted far too often.
Take the case of our parents as an example.
When they are alive, many of us do not relish the moments with them and when they are gone, then we start to think about them with the “we should have done this and that” syndrome. But then that is too late isn’t it?
By now, everyone knows that the BN got “whacked” badly by the people during the election in March .This is because one of its family members, the Umnoputras are being very “naughty”, just like the spoilt child.
Their “naughtiness” is the arrogance that is being blatantly shown towards others .
Remember the “if you don’t like it here, you can leave” mentioned by one Umnoputra?
And not forgetting the kerisman who has been waving the keris year in and year out.
This fellow seems to have a knack for violence.
Just like a spoilt child who will cry loudly and throw tantrums when you take away the candy, the Umnoputras will shout and threaten others when the NEP is going to be taken away.
When the spoilt child is extremely naughty, the parents will whacked him very hard and he will starts running around the house seeking protection from the other members of the family.
So now you see all the BN heads traveling around the country to buttress their political survival.
Suddenly, the “spoilt child” has realized its mistakes after 50 years.
They realize now it is wrong to be arrogant towards others and a need to respect other peoples’ rights.
After so many billions of ringgit have been wasted and siphoned off, they also now realized the importance to be more transparent in its governance and to fight corruptions more effectively.
After 50 years, they now want to look into the needs of the people.
After so many cases of injustice and inefficiencies, they now want to reform the judiciary.
It takes them 50 years to understand the CAT(competency,accountability and transparency) approach in good governance.

If the child is brought up well mannered and learnt the importance of respect towards others, this child will be showered with plenty of love.
If only the members of the BN family are nurtured this way, they will receive plenty of support, instead of the pain they are getting now.
Just like the spoilt child, the BN after having pampered and spoilt the Umnoputras for 50 years, it will be a Herculean task for them to change and adapt for the better. Remember the saying “old habits die hard”?
There are already signs pointing to this.
The Umnoputras intend to impede the efficiency of the opposition government.They have already canceled all the MoUs signed by the Tourism Ministry in the opposition states.They have also started to sow the seed of racial hatred among the people.There is also a malicious intend to divert the federal funds from the opposition states.
In other words,the Umnoputras have reinforced all the traits of a spoilt child.
I foresee that the keris will still be used and threats uttered again.
It will be race, race and race politics again.
I am just wondering why the Umnoputras always think and act differently from us, although we look the same.
If the spoilt child constantly brings hardship to the family, the next best step is to disown the child which can be very sad and painful for the parents.
Likewise, if the Umnoputras still cannot reform after 50 years , accept defeat and blend into the new political landscape and also constantly bring miseries to the people, then we, as the guardian of the country will have to disown this "spoilt child".
Instead of the pain and sadness, there will be peace and happiness for all.