Apr 13, 2014

Bohol Island,Philippine (30th Jan. - 4th Feb.2014)

Mabuhay! Its Philippine again for my family holiday in 2014. Well, Philippine has a lot to offer for a holiday, from beautiful beaches to awesome volcanoes.But then, I have to admit that the real reason to holiday again in the Philippine is because I wanted to visit my son who is studying aviation in Subic Bay.
Ok, my standard holiday procedure: to take a photo with the tour guide, Chino who is friendly and accommodating to our requests.

Our first visit, the Bayclayon Church which is the oldest in Bohol with its front tower being destroyed during the Oct. 2013 earthquake.

Another church , which is near the Loboc river being destroyed during the earthquake.

I am sure there are many of you who do not know what is a tarsier and how it looks like. Well, if you are interested in this world's smallest primate, which is about the size as the adult's palm, then do visit the Tarsier Conservation Area which gives a good insight into this cute little animal's habitat, how it is bred and conserved.
 Isn't it cute?

It sleeps a lot during the daytime and when it is wide awake at night, the eyes are bigger than the brain!

The main attraction of Bohol: the beautiful Chocolate Hills.There are 1260 or more of these hills which are spread over an area of more than 50 sq.km. During the dry season, the hills are brownish in color and hence its name. Just to let you know that the views are taken form the old deck. Although the deck has been destroyed, it still command a panoramic view. We were at the new deck initially which gives a less commanding view.

Some parts of the hills were destroyed during the earthquake. Noticed the white patches caused by the landslides?

Those parts of the hills which were destroyed are located at the far end from the deck. As such, Chocolate Hills still look beautiful nearby.

This is Alona Beach in Bohol island. With its white sandy beach, Alona beach looks quite beautiful. However, it is less of a happening place as compared with Boracay island. The sand in Station 1 of Boracay island is much more powdery and whitish than Alona beach.

Going out to Bohol's best island for snorkeling, Balicasag. We swam with the turtles and view some nice corals. Oh yes, my wife and children were lucky enough to see a whale swimming beside the boat.

On the way back to Bohol island from Balicasag island, we stopped by at Virgin Island which is basically a long strip of  island surrounded by the sea on both sides of the beach. Except for strolling along the beach, there is nothing much to do or see.

St.Augustin church which is beside the Manila Cathedral is also listed a World Heritage Site inside Intramuros

Fort Santiago which is within the Intramuros area is a former military headquarters of the Spanish colonial government. 

A CNY reunion dinner at Manila's Chinatown Yes, the pinoys do celebrate CNY too! . 

My son piloted us up in the sky!

A nice view of Subic International Airport from the air where my son's aviation school is located.

My son with his instructor and family.Go and achieve your dream son. We are proud of you.