Feb 23, 2009

How to survive and live happily in Malaysia

1) This is the golden rule.
Never talk or think about Malaysian politics as it can makes you feel nauseating and very sick. Breaking this rule will make your life hell in this heavenly country.

2) Do as the Romans do.
As the majority of Malaysians are of average IQ, you must not show your intelligence lest you get chastised. When the goons say to boycott American and Jewish goods, you should show your agreement with them even if you know that their stupidity is beyond comprehension.

3) Play the blame game.
You must learn this game from the politicians as they seem to do no wrong. They have got every reason for their blunders and fiasco. When landslides occurred, they will blame the weather. When they have uttered offensive remarks, they will blame the medias for having misquoted them. So, when you cannot achieved your company's objectives, blame it on the Americans, blame the sluggish economy and blame Badawi.
When you hair starts dropping, blame it on Aji-No-Moto.

4) Be brave.
a) Bravery of the sinners: One must be brave enough to defend your power by all means.You can plot to remove your enemies by whatever evil means possible, even to the extend of committing murder. Before you venture into this evil journey of bravery, one must not be afraid the wrath of God who will strike with untold retributions that will await you and your family.

b) Bravery of the fighters: When the weak are being bullied by those evils in power, one must be strong willed and courageous enough to fight back. The weak must be united and gather whatever resources available to fight the evils. If this fails, then pray for divine intervention because ultimately, the good will triumph over the evil.

If you cannot be either one and would like to be an ordinary contented Malaysian, then go back to rule number one.

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Feb 15, 2009

Let us unite to fight a common enemy

-->Do not fret and do not cry, we will fight till we die.
So say the warrior’s cry.
With two by-elections approaching and a law suit by Nizar challenging the legality of the newly appointed Menteri Besar, it means that the war is not over yet for PR and there is hope to regain lost territory.

It is imperative for PR to mobilize its forces now to fight a common enemy of the people: an enemy that is destroying the country through massive corruptions and incites racial hatreds among the people.

One of the major strengths of this Umno led government is the rampant use of the racial card to gather support from the conservative Malays and the kampong people. As such we must ‘open’ the eyes of these people so that they can see the evils and also ‘open’ their brains so that they can think out of the box.
The current incessant protests in the name of royal support organized by Umno are testimonial to this. It is nothing but an evil ploy to pit the royalty against PR to buttress the political survival of Umno

Another major strength of the enemy is its control of mainstream medias where facts are being distorted and truths are half reported.
This is one area where the bloggers through the cybermedias can play a crucial role to counter the MSMs. Whatever truths that are available in the cybermedias must be relayed to the ordinary people with proofs and facts so that they know the manipulative reports of the MSMs and to vote wisely in future. If we cannot do it in print, then we will do it by words of mouth.

The path to victory for PR has been made easier by Umno through its continuous arrogance and playing of the racial card. The snatching of the Perak state government from PR by BN through highly questionable means has further added fuel to the fire for the people to fight for justice and clamor for change.

Let us all unite to fight and destroy a common enemy once and for all before they destroy this country.

Feb 5, 2009

The verb: Screwed

The President of the United States has screwed himself.

The people of Malaysia are screwed by the politicians.

The politicians are being screwed by their colleagues.

We have all screwed ourselves for all the political messes.

And politics have screwed us all.


Feb 3, 2009

A new game in town

I am sure many of us have played Crossword Puzzle before and may have even won some prizes which can be a small token in kind or a handsome payout in cash. Whatever it is, it can be extremely satisfying to have won something as it is a game of not only in vocabulary skill but also in problem solving. Till today, Crossword Puzzle remains one of the favorite games among the people, from children to adults.

There is a new game currently being played in Malaysia which seems to be spreading like wildfire:Crossover.

This game has its origin from the East Malaysia state of Sabah and can only be played by the politicians. It is currently being played extensively in Perak and it seems to be catching-up fast in Negeri Sembilan.

Unlike the Crossword Puzzle, the prizes in this Crossover game is in millions of ringgit. To qualify for this game, one must be an elected State Assemblyman or Member of Parliament and then be ready to crossover to another party, if the 'prize' is right.

Now, on a serious note.

When the world is facing an economic and financial crisis, when retrenchment in employment seems imminent and when the rakyat are worried about their rice bowl, the politicians here are entrenched with this 'game of Crossover' at the expense of the rakyat who will ultimately suffer the most.

With the current political happenings in the country, do you think the ruling government is able to ride out of this current economic crisis or is taking the rakyat for yet another ride?

As the politicians' play this 'game of Crossover', the rakyat will be able to judge and identify those who are greedy and without dignity and those who hold steadfastly to the principles of a good politician.

Come next election, the bad ones must be weeded out once and for all.