Aug 22, 2008

The traits of the Malaysian politicians

1) A champion
No, not the Olympic champions but the champion of their own race which is a natural trait of some racist politicians.A simple dialogue and forum on religious issues and inter-faith can lead to violent protests as if their world is ending. When they are championing their race,they are protecting their rights. When others are doing the same,they are questioning their rights and even the keris is being used as a symbol of protest. By hook or by crook, they must be seen as the champion.

2) Thick- skin
The thickness of the politicians’ skin must be more than 2.4mm or else they will be stripped bare to the bone by the political enemies.When the popularity of a politician has declined drastically through surveys, he will just pretend not to know or will just accept it as “biasa lah”. The corrupt ones will hide behind the corridor of power to plunder the country's coffer.
And there are also some old dogs who insist on wanting to continue leading his party when there are already signs of repudiations.

3) Acting
It is extremely important for the politicians to act according to the events he attended .For example, if he attends a grieving family, he must act as sad as the family members and maybe shed some tears which only professional actors know how to do it at an instant.When the rakyat are complaining, the politicians will act to be listening and caring, like taking the train personally to assess the transport system in the city, which has been in a mess for donkey years.During the Merdeka Day celebration, the politicians must act patriotic to show the world that Malaysia is truly a united multi-racial country.
When the celebration is over, it is back to trait no.1.

4) Tell lie
Some politicians are so good at telling lies that the rakyat are being confused and not able to differentiate between a lie and a truth. For example, when it is a plain lie, the politicians will say that it is just a coincidence. Every lie is a coincidence. A coincidence is not a lie. See the confusion?
Their skill is so good that even a lie detector is not able to detect the lie.

5) Art of twisting and turning
This is an art whereby the old dogs of politics have mastered.These politicians are able to twist and turn the facts into lies and lies into truths.They are like the gymnasts in the Olympic who are able to twist, turn and somersault with ease.
At the end of the day, the rakyat are being screwed upside down.


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phingy said...

Interesting piece.

I fully agree that BN's quality control is a total failure.

Both internal failure and external failure, in fact.