Aug 18, 2008

The mother of all lies or The father of all truths

The swearing on the Quran by Saiful to prove his sodomy case against Dato Seri Anwar has attracted many bombardments from various quarters,especially the political pundits.

Leaving the timing of the swearing aside,which is just one day before nomination for the by-election,let us analyze this action of which I can derived two possibilities.

The first one is the involvement of Saiful with some political top guns who seemed to have taught Saiful how to lie about the sodomy.Once he is caught in the web of political deceits,there is no turning back.Therefore,he has to tell lies all the way.He has to tell lies to the rakyat,his father and even God.

The second one is the possibility of telling the truth.
Emphatically,if my son has been accused of stealing,the first instinct is to find out the truth of the accusation by asking and probing many questions from my son.If my son has denied the theft vehemently,then I will take the appropriate action against the accuser with full confidence.After all, my son will not lie to his father.

Don't you think Saiful's father would have done the same?
For a father to sit beside the son to hear him swear that he has been sodomised can be heart wrenching,if not outright shameful.

Do you think it is a political ploy to have Saiful's father sitting beside him to add credence to his claim of truthfulness in this sodomy case?

Since God has been dragged into this case, we leave it to the Almighty to decide on the punishments for the liars and the sinners.


Anonymous said...

i tend to aggree with u that saifol has no turning back as he has mixed up a plastic object which was willingly pressed through or with the real object. god almighty within time will be answered.

Anonymous said...

May he have nightmares for the rest of his life!

jonathan said...

it;s just to confusing all this god swearing. if anwar swore i swear god won't want to live in heaven and come down to earth and kick those assess who are swearing for all kinds of HOLE-y issues. why the delay why not sue the pretender to the throne? why sweaar now.. why why why,, check my blog

ktteokt said...

Action speaks louder than words yesterday at PP. Stop all these swearing nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Be prepared for the wrath of Allah after your "blasphemic" oath!