Aug 7, 2008

The United States has already lost a race

I have been invited to a birthday party by an American friend which I am looking forward to attend. He stays in a big bungalow with his family who are well to do. So I expect a big crowd for this birthday bash.

However, I came to know that there have been leakages in the bungalow and the repairmen might not be able to fix it on time.

Oh never mind that, I will wear a raincoat to the party lest my clothes got drenched if it rains.

Hey wait a minute, I am an Asian and I will never do that to emabrass the host.

Now back to the Beijing Olympics.

Whether it is intentional or unintentional, common sense should prevail.

Knowing that my American friend has spent so much time and money on a smorgasbord of foods and drinks to ensure every guest enjoys the party, would you like to embarrass him over a leaking roof?

Now even their leader, President George W Bush lacks mannerisms. As the Americans like to say, like father like son:

Hello cowboy, please take a look at your own backyard first before you sling your gun. Is the human rights record of the United States any much better?

Can the United States be the epitome of human rights of the world?

This is an Olympics Sporting event, which means we are talking about showcasing excellence in sports and the bridging of friendship among the athletics of the world.

What has human rights got to do with the Olympics ?
I am sure there are many more white people who will be fractious in championing the cause of human rights. They are nothing but trouble makers.
Please be reminded that China is a communist country and the Communist Party broods no nonsense with its people.

Well, the Chinese being Asians, can certainly forgive those who have caused emabarrasment to the host, but will not forget.
The stage is set and the time has come.
Let the greatest show on earth begins !

All the best to the Beijing Olympics !


justwondering said...

It's funny cancan, you people follow the american ligic that muslims who fight for their freedom are terrorists but when it comes to your race it's american bigotry and racism. you people must understand this before seeking justice and equality in this country. Much as i am for equality and justice, your people's opportunistic temperaments makes me wonder what will happen if the table is turned with you people in power and is under threat by other races.

Anonymous said...

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