Feb 24, 2010

The worst is over

The bold declaration by the PM that the worst is over for the Malaysian economy must be music to the ears of many. But then, to the many business communities, such music may sound hollow and distorted as many will shake their heads negatively with regards to business performance.Many will tell you that business has been extremely slow and there is lack of purchasing power of the consumers. If the economy is on the road to recovery, then why it is that it does not correlates to the performance of the businesses of many?
Although there were many statistics to show that the worst is over for the Malaysian economy, I am no economist or a politician to argue or dispute the facts. But what I would like to highlight are these keywords from a different perspective and context: The worst is over.
Imagine that you have been suffering from a chronic disease that disrupts your life for many years. You suffer so much because it is so debilitating that at times you contemplate about suicide. One day, a doctor managed to cure your disease and tell you that the worst is over for you. And from that day onwards, you realize that there is hope in life.
Imagine that you have been trying very hard to make ends meet. You struggle with your meager income to feed and educate your children. And to add to your financial woes, there are many bills and loans to pay. At times you just feel so helpless and hopeless. One day, luck is on your side and you strike it big in lottery. Finally, the worst is over for all your financial woes and you felt relieved with a sense of elation.
Imagine that your life has been nothing but full of miseries. Your job is full of pressure and stressful. Nothing you do seem to be right: from the office to your home. You are not able to cope with all these pressures in life and seem lost. The whole world seems to be against you. One day God(it does not matter whose God) seems to on your side and ‘opens’ up the world to embrace you. You feel a sense of belonging and slowly you are creeping back to society and you see happiness in you and your family. Finally, the worst is over and you realize that the world is just so wonderful.

Feb 11, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

May the Tiger roar in to bring peace, prosperity and good health to all.

Feb 5, 2010

When bad can be good

The group of protesters from non-government organizations that set fire to the cardboard effigy of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has the best of both worlds that can only be seen in this country. These protesters protested in the presence of the police force and when the effigy was burnt, the firemen were there to douse the fire, free of charge. In countries like Iran,Iraq and Afghanistan when the protesters burnt the effigy of the ex-President of United States George Bush, such services were not provided. So, in future, these protesters can carry on protesting and burning until the country goes up in smoke.

The menace of the mat rempits that has brought untold miseries to other motorists have been duly rewarded with a programme by the government free of charge so that they can be viewed positively. These rempits who act like king of the road have committed such crimes like gangsterism, terrorizing of motorists and bag snatching can now looked forward to the programme to plan their future. When they 'graduate', they can be street smart and continue their crimes in a more systematic way.

In the international scene, we have the love tryst of England's football captain John Terry with his teammate's ex-girlfriend. This seemingly explosive news which has caused such a media frenzy in England that the medias are willing to offer a few hundred thousands pound to have a first hand revelation from the lady. She is indeed having the best of both worlds: bedding a married superstar and be paid for the revelation. Oh yes, let us not forget about that American tiger who has been on the prowl in the golf circuit and has reportedly bedded more than a dozen mistresses. Are they going to be rich too? You bet. Do you think the world will believe what they will reveal? Who cares.