Mar 16, 2013

Boracay Island, Philippine (8th Feb. - 14th Feb. 2013)

We have decided to have a fun and relaxing holiday at Boracay Island for this year family CNY holdiay. Unlike our holiday to Sri Lanka last year, we would like to minimize as little travelling as possible. Hence, it is Boracy Island where one can literally relax by the  beautiful White Beach all day long. 
However, to get there on the first day is an adventure by itself.
We took an Air Asia flight at 6.45am and reached Clark Airport at 10.45am. Having waited for about 2 hours, we took a connecting flight thru Air Phil to Kalibo which took 45 mins. and then a 1 hour 45mins. bus ride to Cactilan ferry. From here, it is another 10 to 15mins, boat ride to Boracay Island and another 15mins taxi ride to the hotel. We finally checked-in at Red Coconut Hotel at about 6.30 pm! 
This is the night view of the hotel from our balcony which is facing the sea.
It is fun time with my family at the White Beach which is right in front of the hotel!
Boracay Island is famous for its white beaches and hench its name White Beach which is 7km long and is divided into Station1, 2 and 3.The beach at Station 1 is the widest and the sand is powdery white.This is the beach view of our hotel which is located at Station 2 and the beach is just as white and beautiful.
A visit to Mount Luho where it commands a panoramic view of the island. You most probably need to spend about an hour here if you are not going for the ATV motor ride or Zipline activity which are nearby.
A nice sand castle built by the local kids at Station 1 to earn extra money. They used to build much bigger sand castles but it now requires a permit from the authority to do so.
Watching a beautiful sunset by the beach.

Station 2 is the most happening place in Boracy Island. There are numerous restaurants and pubs along the beach and one can literally dine and wine all night long. D' Mall shopping place is located near the hotel.
We have a great experience in helmet diving! The helmet weighs about 25 kg and once underwater it weighs only 2kg. There is a tube that is connected to the helmet for oxygen supply form the boat. You see some corals and do some fish feeding for about 20 mins. This activity is great for some 'diving' experience but do not expect much to see underwater.
This is a must do activity in Boracay- paraw sailing! This boat or paraw is made of wood and is without an engine. It moves by the ability of the crew to manoeuvre the sails according to the direction of the wind and it can be pretty fast. There is a captain who will control the direction and we will sit on both sides of the outrigger on the netting. We arranged this paraw sailing thru Captaing Joey of the Red Pirates which is located at Station 3. We sailed out from Station 3 and have a great BBQ lunch at another beach. However, due to rough weather, we could not snorkel near Crocodile Island.
We visited the most iconic landmark of White Beach, Willy's Rock at Station 1.Well, it is basically just a rock with a statute of Virgin Mary for those who are interested in prayers.It makes a nice backdrop during sunset.
While it is fun and exciting to do para sailing, I would not like to recommend to those who are prone to motion sickness. With the movement of the boat and the constant swaying of the parachute caused by the wind, my wife puke up in the air!
We stayed one night at Angeles City which is near Clark Airport before departing for home the next day. Having checked in at Tune Hotel , we took a jeepney ride and strolled down Walking Street, the red light area of Angeles City.