Sep 28, 2008

Tainted Dragon

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic has truly opened the eyes of the world and signified the awakening of the dragon.

The Chinese, who during the Second World War had been dubbed the ‘Sick man of Asia’ is no more ‘sick’ and through the sheer determination to progress and survive, the world now watch with bated breath the capabilities of the Chinese.

The Olympic Games have always been an opportunity for the host country to showcase to the world its greatness in diversities. And the Beijing Olympic has proved beyond that. It has propelled the image of China to the forefront to the envy of many.

With the world economy and financial crisis looming in most countries, China's economy is in good shape despite the chaos.

"China has full confidence and capabilities to ensure sound and fast economic growth for a long period of time," Premier Wen Jiabao said at the opening ceremony.
Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, said China is still a fast growing economy and may lead the world economy in the future.
Now read this, when having too much of money causes embarrassment.
When China embarked on its space program, it was frowned upon by the west.
Today, China in its third manned space mission has become the third country in the world to do a spacewalk, a key step to create China’s first space station, and a high possibility of making a landing on the moon within ten years.

Just as when the 'dragon' is ready to roar louder and soar higher, it got hit by the tainted milk powder scandal. The greed and unscrupulous acts of a few have caused untold miseries to thousands of families whose babies have died. Such a heinous act is akin to murder.

Just not long ago, the recalled of the Barbie dolls manufactured in China has caught the world attention on doing business in China with regards to ethics and QC.

With two major scandals, the economic backlash through products recall worldwide is going to be tremendous and horrendous.

The Chinese government must take very drastic steps to improve on its QC and must be seen in doing it. The culprits of the tainted milk powder must be brought to justice and a crime of such economic and social magnitude deserves death penalty by execution, communist style.
The rule of law must apply and punishment must be severe.

With the 'dragon' being tainted, the pride of the Chinese people have been severely dented.

How can the Chinese government heal the pride of the people now?

Sep 24, 2008

This country does not belong to two persons only!

Wah! They talk like this country belong to them.

Negotiating and discussing about transfer of political power behind closed door when the world financial and economic crisis are looming over the rakyat's head.

Those who care for the country are ISAed and those who are capable of running the country are being prevented through the twist and turn of the rule of laws.

And those who don't give a damn about the country are running the country.

Oh God, may Allah, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lord Muruga and all other immortals help save Malaysia and prevent this heaven from becoming hell.

Sep 20, 2008

Let us pray together

It is heartening to read Senator Zaid Ibrahim's noble plan to bridge the gap between the various races in Malaysia among the youths who will be the key to the success or failure of the country.

The current political milieu has certainly caused a deep division among the people (no thanks to Ahmad Ismail) and we should be glad and thankful to Senator Zaid Ibrahim for launching the 'MyFuture' foundation to bring unity among the people.

In my earlier blog titled: 'Let us live happily together in Malaysia' ( Unity category), I have wrote on the importance of educating the young ones on racial unity and integration. Further to this, I also suggested an idea to have all the various places of prayers to be built on a single piece of land and which I hope will complement the noble idea of Senator Zaid Ibrahim.

I would like to recap and reinforce as follow:

1) As land is aplenty in Malaysia, to choose and identify a suitable location will not be a major problem.

2) The major religions in Malaysia are mainly: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Taoism, Sikhism etc. Whether they are a major or minor religion, let us identify them all.

3) The road to the places of worship must be through one door. As the entrance to this venue will be through a single entry point, a congregation of all Malaysians of different faiths, rather than segregation, can be achieved. It will be truly wonderful to see the people of various races going to the same place and entering the same gate for prayers.
What a happy feeling and a joyous sight for all !
This will indeed bring to reality for the people to say, 'Let us pray together' .

4) The land must be vast enough to house a non-prayer hall for inter-faith dialogues and the various activities as suggested by Senator Zaid Ibrahim.

Can someone start the ball rolling for this project?

What special name can you think of for this project?

Sep 19, 2008

Our PM is thinking now

Like a cancer stricken patient who is able to survive the ravaging effects of the dreaded disease, Abdullah Badawi has also shown his abilities to withstand the waves of political lashings.
How did he manage to survive thus far and what are his abilities?
Let us look at him as a person and see how his body is able to absorb all the 'political blows'.
1)The skin
As I have mentioned before, one of the traits of the politician is to be thick-skinned.
The most painful 'shot’ for Abdullah Badawi is the incessant calls for his resignation by Dr. Mahathir, the very person who appointed him to be his successor.Subsequently, there have been calls for Abdullah Badawi to resign by Muhyiddin, Tengku Razaleigh and now even Mubarak, the association of former MPs and assemblymen.
To add salt to injury, Abdullah Badawi has been given many unkind nicknames by the blogging fraternity: sleeping beauty, Bedowi, Bodowi etc.
Do what you like and call what you want, he withstood all, most probably with some scratches on the skin.
2) The heart
Abdullah Badawi’s stay as PM is already laden with enough problems and out came the controversial remarks by Ahmad Ismail and the ISA arrests. These acts have truly put him under tremendous pressure which only a person with a strong heart can withstand. In the case of Ahmad Ismail, Abdullah Badawi must be seen not to condone such racist remarks and action must be taken against his party member who is an UMNO division head. As for the ISA arrests, it is a different game which Abdullah Badawi will keep it to his heart.
3) The eyes
You will be surprised that Abdullah Badawi has good eyesight, meaning, he has vision to see what is happening around him. Although, he has kept the ISA arrests close to his heart, it has been widely speculated that the order came from someone else. The Home Minister has denied that he gave the order and further said that the police acted on its own which points to the Ministry of Defense.
Having seen all these happenings, why do you think Abdullah Badawi would want to take over the Ministry of Defense? This is to prevent the DPM from running amok in the event Anwar Ibrahim succeeded in becoming the new PM. An amok Minister of Defense will certainly instigate more amok from the army and the police which will be a disaster for Malaysia with irreparable damages.
In other words, he sees something fishy and smells a rat with regards to the ISA arrests. Well, he also has a good nose too!
4) The brain
This is the critical part as the brain controls all the functions of the body.
I think by now Abdullah Badawi must be feeling dizzy from the constant bouts of vertigo. I believe Abdullah Badawi must have realized by now that all his political enemies would want to see him politically dead: from UMNO who will back stabbed and the opposition who will proffer a graceful transfer of power. He needs to strike a balance between resigning gracefully and fighting for his political survival vehemently and which is not easy, hence the vertigo. If he chooses the former, that will be good for the country while the later will spell national and economic disaster for all. As such, under such circumstances, it is best to leave him alone to let him think and make his moves.
Since Abdullah Badawi is the very one who freed Anwar from jail, I pray that he will resign gracefully and transfer the premiership to Anwar, whom he once 'loved' than to someone who betrayed him.The clamor for change is imminent.At least the people will remember Abdullah Badawi's premiership as the Father of Graciousness.
Let us give Anwar Ibrahim a chance and in the event that he failed to perform as promised, he will be removed by the people through the ballots.This, I can promised.

Sep 9, 2008

When sorry seems to be the hardest word

When my son was in primary school, he had complained to me that he was being called a lazy and stupid person by his classmates. I told him not to feel sad or angry over these remarks and not to argue or fight with his classmates. I explained to him further that the most important was that all the family members know that he is not what his classmates had said and thus, ignored them with a smile. And to add further good values in him, I told him to apologize if he has done anything wrong and to say thank you if someone has offered assistance.

I always believe that if the father, as head of the family is feckless and not able to instill good values to the children, than the children will grow-up ill-mannered and most probably, not able to contribute positively to the family and the country.

This is just a simple philosophy of life.
The flagrant remarks by Dato Ahmad Ismail have caused much controversy and racial tensions among the people and the political milieu will get worse if unabated. He had now said that his remarks that the Chinese are immigrants were quoted as a historical fact and was reported out of context. What was not mentioned was, he also said that the Chinese, as immigrants cannot have equal rights and cannot be a DPM of Malaysia.
Aren’t these comments racist?

Dato Ahmad Ismail refused to apologize because he had blamed the Chinese press for having misquoted him and he also blamed Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon for stirring racial sentiments over his remarks and as such, they must apologize. The reporter however had stand by his reports as he was present when these remarks were made during the PP election.
This man is certainly twisting the reported truths to his political gains and is the very one that is inciting racial hatred.

I do not know this Dato’s educational background and I also do not know what family values he had been taught when he was young, if he thinks he and his party can do no wrong and the whole country owes him an apology, rightly or wrongly, than let me be the first to say so: “I am sorry Dato”.
See, Dato, it is not hard to say 'sorry' and having said that, I am feeling good now, I feel nice and I feel I am being humbled by the humble word.
So, go Dato, go say it now, it will makes you feel good!

It saddens me to read Dato'Seri Yuen Yuet Leng's letter (Dato Seri is a retired Senior Police Officer) in the sun which clearly holds true for all Malaysians: regardless of where our fathers and fore fathers came from - India, China, Java or Sumatra, they have all contributed to the well-being of Malaysia!

Our ex-premier, Tun Dr. Mahathir has quoted before that the Chinese pay the highest amount of taxes in Malaysia. So, Dato Ahmad Ismail, this means, your son can obtain some business loans , your grandson can get good education and your good self a well-paid job.
Shouldn't you be grateful to the Chinese?

The Chinese will not be like the Americans Jews. The economic might of the Chinese is in China .The Malaysian Chinese will continue to work hard in this country to ensure a decent living for the family, to contribute to the country's economy and continue to pay the taxes, of course.

If it is so hard for Dato Ahmad Ismail to say sorry, than I hope he can at least say thank you to the Chinese as a sign of gratitude.

We are waiting, any language will do.
After all we are Malaysians, aren't we?

Sep 4, 2008

Where do you want to go?

The headlines in The Star paper today have truly capture the essence of two contrasting styles of leadership: one seems to be running away from the political stand-off while the other is facing the political stand-off head-on.Let us look at the political scene at our own backyard and see what the politicians are up to.

Barisan reps asked to hand in passports for study trip
Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said the trip was the brainchild of the club but rejected suggestions that it was organized because of the Sept 16 claim.
(Another coincidence again?)

“This is the best time for the trip although it is the fasting month because after that, Hari Raya celebrations begin and Parliament will meet again.
(How can it be the best time when the muslims are fasting? Don't they have any respect for their muslim colleagues?)

It is understood that the trip, said to take place between Sept 7 and Sept 19, will be open to all MPs, especially those whose constituencies have agricultural concerns, and not just MPs from Sabah and Sarawak, said to be targets of PKR.

(Which constituencies do not have agricultural concerns?
This is a cunning way to identify those MPs who want to jump ship as for those who could not go or do not want to go will be identified and construed as wanting to do so.)

Deputy Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin also confirmed there was such a trip to explore agricultural technology.

The overseas study trip organised for Barisan Nasional MPs was initiated by the Backbenchers Club and has nothing to do with the notion that they may defect to the Opposition on Sept 16, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.(read here)

(Too many coincidences will become a lie!)

Stressing that he did not organize the trip, he added that the trip between Sept 9 and Sept 16 should not be connected with PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's threat that the Government would be toppled by Sept 16.(read hre)

He said the MPs would have to bear their own expenses but declined to say how much the trip would cost. Some MPs brought along their spouses.

Do you believe what he said?

Do you believe what they all said?

Haunting tales

My friend once told me of a story about a rich Chinese timber tycoon who stayed in a big bungalow near his house and own a few cars. At that period of time, with such wealth, he was looked upon like a king in his town.

One day, while he was driving to town, my friend's mother happened to be at the bus-stop to go to town too. When she saw this tycoon and since she knew him as a neighbor, she waved at his car hoping to hitch a ride to the town.

The tycoon stopped his car, lowered the window and said:"Do you think you have a share in this car?" and drove off.
My friend's mother told him that she felt very humiliated and will never forget the words uttered.

Ten years later, the business of this timber tycoon collapsed and he became a bankrupt.
Since then, each time he saw my friend's mother, he tried to avoid her like a leper avoiding to be seen in public. His sheer arrogance had haunted him ever since.

Today, after more than 30 years, the same scenario of arrogance happens again, albeit politically.

Who can forget the action of the keris wielding by the Education Minister three years ago?
Who can forget the statement,"I will bath the keris with Chinese blood" by the DPM more than ten years ago?

Like my friend's mother, the rakyat are humiliated and will never forget what has been said and done against them, no matter how long ago.

During the March general election and the PP by-election, the above statements were repeated and repeated among the voters and it will certainly haunt them throughout their political lives.
And the end result, the opposition parties won through the voters retaliation against the sheer arrogance and racism of the Umno goons.

Now, we have another political goon from the same arrogant and racist party who said the Malaysian Chinese are immigrants.
Since making the statement and like the bankrupt tycoon, he has avoided to be seen in public like a leper.
Oh boy, this statement is going to haunt him in his political career for sure.
These goons never learn and with such altruism, their downfall is imminent.

The once almighty Umno is falling and it will crumble and tumble hard along the way because the weight of sheer arrogance and racism are too heavy for it to hold anymore.

Sep 1, 2008

Family Merdeka Holiday

Maybe there is cause to celebrate for this Merdeka holiday since the PP election or maybe I am already blase with the current political happenings in Malaysia.

Whatever the reason may be, I took my family for a holiday in Trengganu which I last visited almost ten years ago. In fact since my salesman days, I have developed an infatuation with the east coast states. It is the humbleness of its people that I respect most.

The following are some of the photo shots which I would like to share with all:

A hearty lunch at a popular restaurant in Kemaman which is famous for stuffed crab and grilled tiger prawn. It is heart warming to see the local Malays and Chinese eating together in this Chinese restaurant which is halal of course.
The Malaysian 'goose that lays the golden eggs' - Petronas oil refinery.
Dating for old times sake at the KT beach which is near the hotel.
My son's ingenious alternative key for lighting.
Early morning view from the hotel window.
The great dam at the Kenyir Lake.
A magnificent view of the Kenyir Lake which holds great potential for eco-tourism.
A beautiful view of the Crystal Mosque( Islamic Civilization Park)
The view of the Crystal Mosque is indeed exhilarating.
Another magnificent view of the Crystal Mosque. Any similarities with the Taj Mahal?
This Palestinian mosque is one of the many famous mosques of the world in miniature at Taman Tamadun Islam.
Can you recognize this mosque?
On our way back to KL, we dropped by at the turtle sanctuary at Cherating, which unfortunately was closed on Monday. Can you spot the grammar mistake?
1) The Crystal Mosque(Islamic Civilization Park) was built at a cost of RM250 million and opened to public on the Feb.28th 2008. For such a colossal sum of money spent, this new landmark to boost the tourism industry for the state must benefit the local people and not become another white elephant.
2) I have also visited the venue of the Monsoon Cup which is a stark contrast to the Crystal Mosque.The place was deserted and the shops are totally empty.And to reach the venue, you need to drive through a very narrow kampung road with some dilapidated houses on one side and some newly built apartments for the participants on the other side. While there are signs of poverty in the kampung, the govt. has the audacity to splash millions of ringgit to host this once a year event of only a few days that seems to benefits the whites rather than the locals. This is what I would like to call 'a sinful wastage of the rakyats' money'.
3) Trengganu certainly has many places of interest to offer and great potential for eco-tourism: Kenyir Lake, Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Kapas, Gems Island, turtle watching and the Crystal Mosque. Despite this being a Visit Trengganu Year and the long public holidays, there were not many local or foreign tourists. The state govt. has certainly not done enough to promote Trengganu and it must not let this economic opportunities for the locals go to waste.
Next time when you intend to go for a holiday with your family, do consider the east coast states. The drive along the coastal road is smooth all the way and is scenic for you to enjoy. With the many beach resorts to choose from, your stay should be both comfortable and enjoyable.