Sep 9, 2008

When sorry seems to be the hardest word

When my son was in primary school, he had complained to me that he was being called a lazy and stupid person by his classmates. I told him not to feel sad or angry over these remarks and not to argue or fight with his classmates. I explained to him further that the most important was that all the family members know that he is not what his classmates had said and thus, ignored them with a smile. And to add further good values in him, I told him to apologize if he has done anything wrong and to say thank you if someone has offered assistance.

I always believe that if the father, as head of the family is feckless and not able to instill good values to the children, than the children will grow-up ill-mannered and most probably, not able to contribute positively to the family and the country.

This is just a simple philosophy of life.
The flagrant remarks by Dato Ahmad Ismail have caused much controversy and racial tensions among the people and the political milieu will get worse if unabated. He had now said that his remarks that the Chinese are immigrants were quoted as a historical fact and was reported out of context. What was not mentioned was, he also said that the Chinese, as immigrants cannot have equal rights and cannot be a DPM of Malaysia.
Aren’t these comments racist?

Dato Ahmad Ismail refused to apologize because he had blamed the Chinese press for having misquoted him and he also blamed Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon for stirring racial sentiments over his remarks and as such, they must apologize. The reporter however had stand by his reports as he was present when these remarks were made during the PP election.
This man is certainly twisting the reported truths to his political gains and is the very one that is inciting racial hatred.

I do not know this Dato’s educational background and I also do not know what family values he had been taught when he was young, if he thinks he and his party can do no wrong and the whole country owes him an apology, rightly or wrongly, than let me be the first to say so: “I am sorry Dato”.
See, Dato, it is not hard to say 'sorry' and having said that, I am feeling good now, I feel nice and I feel I am being humbled by the humble word.
So, go Dato, go say it now, it will makes you feel good!

It saddens me to read Dato'Seri Yuen Yuet Leng's letter (Dato Seri is a retired Senior Police Officer) in the sun which clearly holds true for all Malaysians: regardless of where our fathers and fore fathers came from - India, China, Java or Sumatra, they have all contributed to the well-being of Malaysia!

Our ex-premier, Tun Dr. Mahathir has quoted before that the Chinese pay the highest amount of taxes in Malaysia. So, Dato Ahmad Ismail, this means, your son can obtain some business loans , your grandson can get good education and your good self a well-paid job.
Shouldn't you be grateful to the Chinese?

The Chinese will not be like the Americans Jews. The economic might of the Chinese is in China .The Malaysian Chinese will continue to work hard in this country to ensure a decent living for the family, to contribute to the country's economy and continue to pay the taxes, of course.

If it is so hard for Dato Ahmad Ismail to say sorry, than I hope he can at least say thank you to the Chinese as a sign of gratitude.

We are waiting, any language will do.
After all we are Malaysians, aren't we?

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You truly, truly, ***TRULY*** think that that guy would _thank_ the Chinese?

Pig can fly.

Chicken can swim.

And shark can dance well before that happen !