Sep 1, 2008

Family Merdeka Holiday

Maybe there is cause to celebrate for this Merdeka holiday since the PP election or maybe I am already blase with the current political happenings in Malaysia.

Whatever the reason may be, I took my family for a holiday in Trengganu which I last visited almost ten years ago. In fact since my salesman days, I have developed an infatuation with the east coast states. It is the humbleness of its people that I respect most.

The following are some of the photo shots which I would like to share with all:

A hearty lunch at a popular restaurant in Kemaman which is famous for stuffed crab and grilled tiger prawn. It is heart warming to see the local Malays and Chinese eating together in this Chinese restaurant which is halal of course.
The Malaysian 'goose that lays the golden eggs' - Petronas oil refinery.
Dating for old times sake at the KT beach which is near the hotel.
My son's ingenious alternative key for lighting.
Early morning view from the hotel window.
The great dam at the Kenyir Lake.
A magnificent view of the Kenyir Lake which holds great potential for eco-tourism.
A beautiful view of the Crystal Mosque( Islamic Civilization Park)
The view of the Crystal Mosque is indeed exhilarating.
Another magnificent view of the Crystal Mosque. Any similarities with the Taj Mahal?
This Palestinian mosque is one of the many famous mosques of the world in miniature at Taman Tamadun Islam.
Can you recognize this mosque?
On our way back to KL, we dropped by at the turtle sanctuary at Cherating, which unfortunately was closed on Monday. Can you spot the grammar mistake?
1) The Crystal Mosque(Islamic Civilization Park) was built at a cost of RM250 million and opened to public on the Feb.28th 2008. For such a colossal sum of money spent, this new landmark to boost the tourism industry for the state must benefit the local people and not become another white elephant.
2) I have also visited the venue of the Monsoon Cup which is a stark contrast to the Crystal Mosque.The place was deserted and the shops are totally empty.And to reach the venue, you need to drive through a very narrow kampung road with some dilapidated houses on one side and some newly built apartments for the participants on the other side. While there are signs of poverty in the kampung, the govt. has the audacity to splash millions of ringgit to host this once a year event of only a few days that seems to benefits the whites rather than the locals. This is what I would like to call 'a sinful wastage of the rakyats' money'.
3) Trengganu certainly has many places of interest to offer and great potential for eco-tourism: Kenyir Lake, Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Kapas, Gems Island, turtle watching and the Crystal Mosque. Despite this being a Visit Trengganu Year and the long public holidays, there were not many local or foreign tourists. The state govt. has certainly not done enough to promote Trengganu and it must not let this economic opportunities for the locals go to waste.
Next time when you intend to go for a holiday with your family, do consider the east coast states. The drive along the coastal road is smooth all the way and is scenic for you to enjoy. With the many beach resorts to choose from, your stay should be both comfortable and enjoyable.

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