Sep 11, 2010

Amazing act of flexbility

Let us imagine that the female performer is BN and the male is PR.

If only both political parties have such graceful cooperation and flexibility in the balancing of power, it will be a heaven in Malaysia.

Do you think this can happen?

Sep 10, 2010

Same time,same talk every year

Malaysia is truly a unique country.

Every year, the people celebrate a smorgasbord of festivities and with such a cultural pot of diversities, it is an envy of many. To any smart government, such diversities will be utilized like an asset for greater benefits of the country. However, in Malaysia such an asset is being treated like a liability, causing a slew of frustrations,anger and unhappiness among the people.

Like a great theatrical act, whenever a festive season approaches, the ruling politicians will call for unity, respect and blah blah blah every year.

Don't these politicians understand the meaning of walking the talk and stop talking the cock? Don't they realize that the people are already blase with all the politicking in the country?
Don't they know that there are so much of catching up to do in this fast world of globalization?

Sigh, maybe I should stop complaining and go watch movie instead.

Sep 8, 2010

Let us relax

The Hari Raya holidays are just around the corner and for those who have no concrete plans,I would like to recommend the following movies for your enjoyment. It is sheer classic humour at its best from some of the most funny actors of all times.

In contrast to the political happenings in this country which are making us cry,I hope these movies can at least make us laugh and cheer us up.So, in this festive season of forgiveness, let us steer away our thoughts from politics and enjoy the holidays.

To watch the movies in full, just click on the title and watch it from part one onwards.

Greeting to all muslimin and muslimat