Apr 27, 2009

Mat Rempits, Oh Mat Rempits

Through sheer grit and determination, your parents brought you into this world
Instead of taking a straight path to adulthood, you prefer to take a detour
Your life is already planned with plenty of opportunities and favours
But you prefer to use your machine and a hallucinated courage to conquer

You terrorize against the innocents and the disabled to commit your crimes
Robbing and bullying seem so natural and fine
While we make the utmost use of our time, your morals are constantly on the decline
What are you? Morons of society who do not want to shine?

Meanwhile, on the street we need to constantly look behind, left, right and center
We trust that, without fear and favor, the police will act due to our immense pressure
To simply remove their boredom is never a good measure
Where are their parents to give them a good lecture?

They say they do it because of boredom
We say they do it because of the stupidity syndrome
The politicians are calling for stern actions now with so much pomp
But then, the people have already called for it till the cows come home

Drastic actions need to be taken before their bigheads swell
How long do we have to wait before we can send them a final farewell?
And who will lead to fight against this public enemy number one, nobody can tell
In the meantime, God, please protect our souls in this living hell

Apr 23, 2009

Hooray, we are all going to be bumiputras !

-->The announcement by the PM of the removal of the 30% bumiputra equity requirement in 27 related service businesses has brought some hope to the already moribund economic environment. The allowing of 100% foreign owned business entity will no doubt be a major boost to attract FDIs. Likewise, in the local business communities, a freer economy will provides more business opportunities and a freehand to choose a good and workable partnership.
He also talked of greater economic liberation at a later stage.

How are the Malays (bumiputras) going to take this economic liberation?
Are they going to see the non-bumiputras as a threat to their economic survival?

Firstly, the bumiputras must realize that economically, socially and politically, it is a globalized world now. So, to constantly depend on government assistance will make their survival even more challenged and thus will weaken further their chances for survival in the business world.

Secondly, there are many bumiputra businessmen who are successful on their own. Like many successful businessmen, regardless of race, they are successful because they are daring: they are not afraid of failures, dare to take challenges and struggled to be successful. As such the bumiputras must always strive to take challenges and build their business acumen through trial and error and hard work.

Thirdly, the bumiputras must remove from their mindset the ‘ketuanan Melayu’ concept as it never existed. Please come back to reality and senses because this is a drum-up concept by the politicians to buttress their political survival and nothing else. The drum-up is so strong that it has become a serious mental block and has caused so much division among the people. Let us forget about this and move forward together to start a new revolution: Racial Revolution for one race.

A word of caution.
This government has two serious flaws in its quest for efficiency.

It has an unsavoury reputation for changing policies to suit its political aims and hence, its moniker: flip-flop.
It has also a very bad track record in its implementation of policies and projects. Many are either shelved, stopped half-way or totally abandoned.

So, before we clap our hands, let us wait and see. Let us wait for the reactions from the bumiputras and then see the implementations by the government.
Then we make our own conclusions.

Apr 19, 2009

The Little Napoleons

I read with bewilderment and anger on the statement by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng that there are certain government officials who have tried to sabotage Penang -bound investments by diverting them to other places, including Iskandar Malaysia in Johor.

The actions of these officials are certainly cause for concern and are akin to being traitors and Lim Guan Eng msut weed out these officials, who are known as Little Napoleons before they destroy the rice bowls of the people. These Little Napoleons exist in many government departments and they behave like kingmakers who show no respect to their superiors and are one of the many sources of corruptions.

As the Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng must hold court in his government and must never be like his predecessor: being bullied.

With the cabinet reshuffled and the Ministers switched from one portfolio to another, these Little Napoleons, with their senior positions will become even more audacious in their relevant ministries.

The concept of CAT governance advocated by Lim Guan Eng has certainly gives confidence to the business communities and hence is able to draw-in foreign investments. Together with its excellent infrastructure and the readily available workforce, Penang is poise to compete with other major cities for top investments. In fact, Penang would have being another Singapore a long time ago if not for the stupidity, follies and the short-sightedness of our politicians.

With these Little Napoleons, it is any wonder why we are not able to progress the way we wanted and is always behind a 'little red dot
' country that is almost barren in natural resources.

I would like to call on the people of Penang to cooperate and assist the government in whatever ways possible to further develop the state. And one way to achieve this is to identify the Little Napoleons and with proofs, weed them out.

The Chinese has a saying and it goes something like this: Do not block the earth from rotating.

And let us remove these blockades together!

Apr 18, 2009

Is Pakatan Rakyat still relevant?

It has already been more than a year since the last general election that the people have been ecstatic over the triumphant victory of PR over the BN. There seemed to be so much hope for justice, fairness and unity for the people under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim.

Looking at the current political developments of PR and BN, it seems that the former is straying away from its original aims while the later is on the right path to win back the trust of the people.

The ultimatum given by the Penang Deputy Chief Minister, Mohd.Fairus to clear his name over the corruption allegation or he will expose the “inside stories” of PKR and the state government has put PR, Anwar Ibrahim in particular in a very tight spot.
Even the return of Elizabeth Wong as the state assemblyman did not go down well with her Kulim’s political colleague, Zulkifli Nordin.

The coalition of PR is certainly now under threat of instability and Anwar must be in the forefront to do damage control before it is too late. He must be able to identify the ‘betrayers’ in the like of Fairus and the party antagonizers in the like of Zulkifli Nordin.
Furthermore, Anwar must learn from the saga of the three defectors from PR. Unless Anwar acts fast, I am afraid it will be game over for PR.

Since Najib became the PM, he has been aggressively promoting his 1Malaysia concept to win back the trust and support of the people. Whether the people understand or believe in the concept is secondary. What is important to Najib is the perception that he is trying a new 'product' to bring hope to the people and also to create a perception of him being a 'good' PM for all. The launching of the economic stimulus packages, has brought some cheers to the people (but not all the people) who are hoping that the country can withstand the economic onslaught from the world recession.

Due the follies of his predecessor, President Barack Obama is reaching out to the world for peace with special re conciliatory approaches to the Islamic countries.
He knows that the United States cannot do it alone for world peace and prosperity.
His speech at the Turkey Parliament was one of the most heart-warming for peace.

Likewise, Najib seems to have realize by now that the country cannot prosper through the absolute power of one race and may has learnt from the weaknesses of his predecessor. He needs the unity of the people so that he can moves the country forward and hence, the 1Malaysia concept.

If Najib managed to bring the economy back on track, if he managed to unite the people and if he also managed to stem-out corruption, what will be the political milieu like?

With the government machinery under his control, I am afraid, very afraid in fact, that PR will die a natural death, albeit prematurely.

Apr 7, 2009

A Thank You Message - No.3

1. The victory of Pakatan Rakyat in the two by-elections over the two Bukits augurs well for the people who have been clamoring for change for a long time. The fact that the medias blitz on the ascension of the premiership of Najib did not sway the voters' choice confirmed the unhappiness of the people with BN.

2.Mahathir has asked:What is wrong with Mahathirism?
Well, he has spoken at the ceremahs and the people have voted otherwise. In short and bluntly speaking, the people are already fed-up with this old man who speaks with a twisted tongue and who has undeniably contributed a great part in this current political mess.
Thank you for your contributions to the victories of PR, Dato Seri.

3. The continuous and rampant use of force to stop the gatherings of the PR supporters by the FRU and the police has further added the baptism of fire for the people to fight for justice. The water sprayed from the water cannon has awakened the people for the need to change and the chemical in it gave them a burning sensation to fight for greater change.

4. The released of the report on Kugan's death as due to natural cause on polling day is indeed a perfect timing for the Indian voters in particular to vote for PR. This report has caused much confusion and anger to those who want to see justice done.

5. The display of cohesiveness among the PR leaders during the ceremahs has made the people realized that there is hope for unity and there is also hope for justice.
I can't wait to write more Thank You Messages.

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