Apr 7, 2009

A Thank You Message - No.3

1. The victory of Pakatan Rakyat in the two by-elections over the two Bukits augurs well for the people who have been clamoring for change for a long time. The fact that the medias blitz on the ascension of the premiership of Najib did not sway the voters' choice confirmed the unhappiness of the people with BN.

2.Mahathir has asked:What is wrong with Mahathirism?
Well, he has spoken at the ceremahs and the people have voted otherwise. In short and bluntly speaking, the people are already fed-up with this old man who speaks with a twisted tongue and who has undeniably contributed a great part in this current political mess.
Thank you for your contributions to the victories of PR, Dato Seri.

3. The continuous and rampant use of force to stop the gatherings of the PR supporters by the FRU and the police has further added the baptism of fire for the people to fight for justice. The water sprayed from the water cannon has awakened the people for the need to change and the chemical in it gave them a burning sensation to fight for greater change.

4. The released of the report on Kugan's death as due to natural cause on polling day is indeed a perfect timing for the Indian voters in particular to vote for PR. This report has caused much confusion and anger to those who want to see justice done.

5. The display of cohesiveness among the PR leaders during the ceremahs has made the people realized that there is hope for unity and there is also hope for justice.
I can't wait to write more Thank You Messages.

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lkh said...

If you carefully think of the African slaves were sold to America for development of financial purposes, you won't be wondered why those people wanted to do that for gaining financial benefit selfishly. In view of today's American political development, and strong American economy, you will find it those black slaves have contributed their efforts through tear and sweat for the country which formerly wasn't even theirs. Why?
In Malaysia political scenario, the infamous event tailored by Tun Mahathir to frame up Mr. Anwar Ibrahim, is something similar to the above example as I have taken it. Now Mr. Anwar Ibrahim has become super glue that able to cohere three opposition parties united together fight against evil BN. The joining forces are strong enough to rock Bn government under the leadership of Mr. Anwar, on the other hand is directly making people of Malaysia awaken suddenly and reformed mentally. Changing of government is meant changing of people's fate. It must be successfully done for goodness sake for this country.
Mahathirism isn't to be considered wrong. But it brings people to be more disliking him and near hating him. His evilly misdeed is terrible and unacceptable by human heart. Only those UMNO imbeciles are willingly to be played by him. And treat him as their new found hero. Sigh!!!