Apr 18, 2009

Is Pakatan Rakyat still relevant?

It has already been more than a year since the last general election that the people have been ecstatic over the triumphant victory of PR over the BN. There seemed to be so much hope for justice, fairness and unity for the people under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim.

Looking at the current political developments of PR and BN, it seems that the former is straying away from its original aims while the later is on the right path to win back the trust of the people.

The ultimatum given by the Penang Deputy Chief Minister, Mohd.Fairus to clear his name over the corruption allegation or he will expose the “inside stories” of PKR and the state government has put PR, Anwar Ibrahim in particular in a very tight spot.
Even the return of Elizabeth Wong as the state assemblyman did not go down well with her Kulim’s political colleague, Zulkifli Nordin.

The coalition of PR is certainly now under threat of instability and Anwar must be in the forefront to do damage control before it is too late. He must be able to identify the ‘betrayers’ in the like of Fairus and the party antagonizers in the like of Zulkifli Nordin.
Furthermore, Anwar must learn from the saga of the three defectors from PR. Unless Anwar acts fast, I am afraid it will be game over for PR.

Since Najib became the PM, he has been aggressively promoting his 1Malaysia concept to win back the trust and support of the people. Whether the people understand or believe in the concept is secondary. What is important to Najib is the perception that he is trying a new 'product' to bring hope to the people and also to create a perception of him being a 'good' PM for all. The launching of the economic stimulus packages, has brought some cheers to the people (but not all the people) who are hoping that the country can withstand the economic onslaught from the world recession.

Due the follies of his predecessor, President Barack Obama is reaching out to the world for peace with special re conciliatory approaches to the Islamic countries.
He knows that the United States cannot do it alone for world peace and prosperity.
His speech at the Turkey Parliament was one of the most heart-warming for peace.

Likewise, Najib seems to have realize by now that the country cannot prosper through the absolute power of one race and may has learnt from the weaknesses of his predecessor. He needs the unity of the people so that he can moves the country forward and hence, the 1Malaysia concept.

If Najib managed to bring the economy back on track, if he managed to unite the people and if he also managed to stem-out corruption, what will be the political milieu like?

With the government machinery under his control, I am afraid, very afraid in fact, that PR will die a natural death, albeit prematurely.

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Republican Reds said...

Don't worry as he can try but remember UMNO is still UMNO,MCA is still MCA and the MIC is still MIC, recently itself there have been clashes in the BN about this 1Malaysia concept so the message is that if any change is going to happen it is not going to be from BN as their political ideology does not coincide with the one Malaysia concept.So the uniting the people has been rule out,unless he face the wrath of UMNO or BN.IN the economic front recovery is slow,and he must first serve the cronies or else he will suffer,and UMNO solving the corruption issue,pleae don't joke,look at how they solve corruption within UMNO, Ali Rustam is stilll the chief minister,Khairy is still the youth head,khir toyo is still the UMNO opposition leader in Selangor and out of many corruption reports only a few were investigated claims Mazlan Harun an UMNO member.So do not be afraid,what we must be afraid is the BN will bring the ISA and the various law unjustly against the oppostion or the opposition turning into UMNO.