Dec 11, 2008

Oh God, where are you?

So much of sufferings and so many deaths.

Oh God, where are you?
It is extremely torturing and heart wrenching for me to read of more sufferings and deaths almost everyday.

It is also torturing for most of us here that justice seems to be blatantly disregarded for reasons only known to the forever omnipotent government.
When suspected JI terrorists with involvement in the Sept. 9/11 bombing can be released for dubious reasons and while the Hindraf members, who fought for justice and equality can still be detained under the draconian ISA, justice is lost.

And the Altantuya murder case?
The whole world is still waiting for justice to be seen and punishment to be handed down on the murderers.

Is this how God punished the innocents and let the evils and the corrupts roam free? Or you have simply forgiven these evils during their annual pilgrimage and prayers when they asked for forgiveness (and then commit sin again)?
I beg you to please make use of your creation: send them to hell !

If you are going to punish mankind, then either you stop the creation of more human lives or destroy the whole world so that there will be no more sufferings.

Then maybe, you would like to create a new world: a world with only one race and one religion which will eliminate all the racial discriminations and religious extremism, the crux of human sufferings.

But wait a minute, maybe this current world can be salvaged.
So God, please guide us.

Dec 2, 2008

Malaysia's Academy of Political Awards 2008 (MAPA 08)

-->Dear all, as the year draws to an end and as we witnessed the political happenings unfold in the country, the time has come for us to select and award those who have contributed either positively or negatively to this country which we call home.

Regardless of who they are, what race they are from and which political parties they belong to, the selection of the recipients will be based on our conscience, facts and the truths.

I have categorized the selection into several categories as different events from different parties affect and influence our lives in one way or another. These categories are then divided into three awards: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Last but not least, I have included a category for Blogsphere as there is no denying it has played a significant and influential role in changing the political landscape pre and post GE 2008.

So dear all, start rolling your votes in!

1) Ministry Level
a) The Most Efficient Ministry
Instead of the moribund civil service, this award is for the one which is knowledgeable and able to provide a fast and efficient service.
b) Kangaroo Award
Remember the day when you enquired for information and action, you are made to ‘hop’ from one department to another?
c) Wastage Award
This one goes to the Ministry that sucked the tax payers’ money on various projects which in the end are either non beneficial or deemed useless to the people.

2) Parliamentarian
a) Custard Award
When an elected MP shows no regards, manners and respects in the august House, he deserves custards to be thrown at his face.
b) The Lady & The Gentleman Award
This award goes to the one who is well-mannered, respected and follows the principle of sportsmanship.
c) Hang Tuah Award
Like the warrior, this MP will fight for justice and fairness for all.

3) Politician
a) Rising Star Award
The GE 2008 has certainly produced some young and seemingly talented politicians. Who will be the one that shines above the rest?
b) Sicko Award
When a politician keeps stirring racial sentiments and hatreds without two hoots of the feelings of others, he will have to face the wrath of the people. Please identify this person without fear and favor.
c) Fairplay Award
Although politicians are from different parties, they are some who know the rules and play by the rules and the rights from the wrongs. Who will be the shining example?

4) Blogsphere
a) Creative Blog Award
Blogging in this age of technology can truly bring out the different styles and imaginations of the bloggers that can captivate our attention.
b) Informative Blog Award
There are some bloggers who have diligently and continuously update us on new happenings and provide us with new sources of information.
c) The Red Blog Award
This is the dangerous one. The one that intentionally and incessantly incites hatred and animosities among the people. Identify it before it destroys this country.