May 30, 2008

Revelations Of The Grand Sagas

1) The most heartwarming achievement from this standoff is the ability of the people to unite and fight for justice together without fear of being bullied and without favor where race is irrelevant.This brings back the memory of the peoples’ power during the last election where the majority of the corrupts and incompetents were removed.
2) When innocent victims are allegedly whacked by the police and when thugs are involved to threaten the residents, the rule of law is being replaced by the rule of the mobs with impunity. Likewise, if I have a dispute which cannot be arbitrarily settled, I will engage the thugs to settle it for me. So, don’t you mess with me.
3) There is no country in the world whereby a road can be closed blatantly to subject its citizens by force to pay tolls. Malaysia will be the first to achieve this recognition which is one of the many ludicrous firsts for all the wrong recognitions.
4) This standoff is obviously due to business concerns. If the road is not closed, the toll concessionaire will stand to lose unless it is compensated by the government.
As the terms of the contracts cannot be revealed and opened for scrutiny, only God knows what was signed. There have been many alledged such contracts which led to many compensations being paid by the government. It seems the key word in these contracts is ‘compensation’ if circumstances are not favorable to the project undertaker.If this is true,then the contracts are lopsided and the government must be an asshole to sign these contracts.
5)When law enforcer and politics mix with business, what justice can the people get? Can justice be seen to be done? Will there be fairness for the ordinary people?
This whole saga is really sickening and has riled many right thinking citizens with anger.

May 26, 2008

Charity or Publicity

This donation news appeared front -paged on The Star today which occupied almost half the page.
It is not that I want to complain, it is the prominence that this donation was given by the paper that does not seems right.
The photo which showed the presentation of the two big mock-up cheques certainly skewed this donation into a publicity for the company. At the end of the day, it is the benefits that count.

It is good image for the company but bad publicity for donation drives.

When is promotion a promotion?

I saw this photo front-paged on The Sunday Star and thought that this is quite an interesting event.
But hey, wait a minute,I did not know that there is such an event.To check my naiveness and ignorance, I called some businessman friends and college students.
The answers I got confirmed that I am still a sane person.
Non of them were aware of such an event and some even asked back what the heck is Citrawarna(with difficulty pronouncing it) and why was it held faraway in Putrajaya.

It was reported that there were 1600 participants who wore many different colorful costumes, laser shows, live celebrity performers and a ten minutes fireworks display.If we take into consideration the logistics and the miscellaneous expenses, it must have cost millions to stage this mega event.
Have the Tourism Ministry met its objectives?
Were there bus loads of tourists(local and foreign) who came to witness this event?
What is the expectation of the Return of Investment?

By the way,have you noticed the sombre looking faces of the Ministers?
Come on man or lady (I am not too sure whether it makes any difference) smile please, you are launching an exciting event for the tourists.
If you are not happy, then the tourists are not happy too.

May 24, 2008

Football and Politics

The football season is already over.
There will be the winners and losers, heroes and villains.
For the fans, there will be excitement and disappointments.
In all the football matches, the strikers are always the heroes of the team because the winning of a game is basically at their feet.
Whenever a goal is scored, you will see the teammates congratulating the striker like a hero.
On the other hand, if the striker has conceded a penalty to the opponent or missed a penalty which has caused the team to lose in a major game, he will be vilified as a villain not only by his teammates but his fans as well.
In Malaysia, Mahathir is akin to a striker who has lived his heroic days while he was the PM.
As a hero during his early days of premiership, he advocated the Bersih,Amanah dan Cekap concept of governance which has provided some life to the already moribund administrative system.
Some of the major ‘goals’ scored by him are: Putrajaya, MSC, KLIA, Proton, KLC and Penang Bridge.
However, some are disputable as they are deemed to be a wastage of public funds and some are failures which means they are 'off-sides'.
Although Mahathir has scored many ‘goals’, he has also missed many ‘penalties’ and caused blatant 'fouls' which make him a villain among the people.
His incessant tirade on Badawi has so much hatred that it has caused disunity and tensions among the people.
During his premiership, cronyism thrived and so did corruptions.
The most dangerous ‘foul’ committed by him which deserved a 'red card'(but was not given) is the deepening division of the people through the many racial discriminatory policies of the NEP.
Currently, Mahathir as a senior 'striker' is still consistently committing blatant 'fouls' and missed 'penalty kicks' which has make him a liability to his Umno club.
His constant arguments with his teammates is the last straw that broke the camel’s back.
The next logical move is to dispose him to another club, at a discounted price.
So, any taker for our Malaysian striker?

May 22, 2008

The Evolution Of Mankind

Big muscles and big biceps with layers of fats will make us want to forget.

Chesty hair or macho hair, it will only grows when young and fair.

You can sing and you can yell but only time will tell.

Good looks of yesterday is no guarantee for today.

Being a good gunslinger has made you a bad sitter.

You have got a license to kill but no license to heal.

May 21, 2008

Penang ferry service must not be scrapped

The Penang ferry service which has been plying the sea from the mainland to the island for more than 50 years is an iconic feature in the Penang tourism industry.
Thus it is indeed sad to read in The Star (21st May 08) that there are plans from the Federal government to scrap the service with the main reason being that it is making losses.
The Penang state government, realizing the importance of the ferry service to its tourism industry, has vowed not to scrap the service.
State Transportation Committee chairman, Lim Hock Seng has identified the reasons of the losses which are mainly due to higher fuel price, low passenger and traffic volume.
There are plans to upgrade the ferry service and introduce catamarans to complement the existing services. Plans are also aloof to use speed boats for cost efficiency.
The plans to use catamarans or speed boats do not seem to be a good and effective idea simply because it is difficult to increase the passenger volume.
It will be more effective to increase the passenger volume by maximizing the usage of the six ferries available and also by increasing the frequency of services.
In fact if budget permits, these old ferries, with a majority of them still in service after more than 30 years should be discarded in exchange for new ones with modern designs which can be a crowd puller as well.
The ferry terminals on both sides certainly need a major revamp and a new coat of paint. At present, both the terminals looked old and dirty. Certainly not a crowd puller.
With a new look and new ferries and like a new packaging of a product, the ferry service can be reintroduced as a new service to bring back the volume in traffic.
Penang Island, with its beautiful beaches, is known as the Pearl of The Orient.
Thus, to travel by ferry from the mainland to the island can be both exhilarating and enjoyable for the passengers.
However, the current travel time of less than 30 minutes is too short for the passengers to enjoy the trip, especially the tourists.
It is therefore worth considering operating two routes to cater for different groups. The first route(see attach map as route 1) is the current one which caters for the locals who are working in the island.
The second route( attach map as route 2) will be from the mainland to a tourist destination like Batu Ferringhi, which takes more than 30 minutes travel time, thus allowing the tourists, both local and foreign to enjoy the trip.
As Penang Island is a well known tourist destination, this route can be a money spinner.
What the State government needs to do now is to invest and revamp the operating structure similar to a private corporation.
Like any businesses, it must focus on bringing in the customers through marketing and promotional plans.
I sincerely hope the Federal Government can assist in providing the necessary funds to bring back the glorious days of the Penang ferry service, I mean with a brand new service.

May 20, 2008

Pak Lah, resurrect BN while you can before history beckons.

1) “Mahathirism” is dead.
There is no need to mourn over it.
2) BN must go back to the basics of good governance: Competency, Accountability & Transparency
There might still be enough time for BN to reform,reinvent and adapt to the new political landscapes
3) BN needs to compete with Pakatan Rakyat on the CAT concept.
A healthy competition will enable the rakyat to choose the best among both parties.
4) Remove all the ‘yes men’ and Little Napoleons.
These idiots are the real pain in the ass for efficiency in the government and there are many of these nincompoops.
5) Unity must be preserved at all cost.
Racism kills!
6) Stimulate the economy aggressively so that the economy cake is big enough for all to share.
‘A hungry man is an angry man’.
7) Revamp the Judiciary System to win back the confidence of the people.
Justice must be seen to be served.
8) Security is a major concern.
It must be tackled efficiently so that the people do not have to live in fear.
9) The spiraling cost of living is getting worrisome among the family members.
We need a comprehensive plan to tackle this.

10) Once the baddies are removed, the goodies will come naturally.
I win, you win, and everybody wins.

May 19, 2008

We do not need anymore fire for our already burning fire

The recent statement from our ex-premier, Dr.Mahathir is indeed cause for concern for all peace loving Malaysians.
Dr.Mahathir had told a Malay crowd in Johor Baru that if the Malays keep quiet, they will lose their rights and the other races will take over.
It is indeed disappointing that this statement came from Dr. Mahathir because it was during his tenure as PM he had advocated the concept of Bangsa Malaysia.
Why backtracked now?
To counter the statement, Umno information chief, Muhammed Taib have mentioned that the Malays are not losing its political power as the BN is still ruling the country.
Further to this, Tenku Razaleigh had mentioned that the Malays will be lost in direction if Umno is not in power.
We should also take note that Mukriz Mahathir, son of Dr. Mahathir is also playing the racial card in Umno.
This father and son team is so bend on dislodging Abdullah Badawi from power that they are playing the racial card to instill fear and anger on the Malays in general and the Umnoputras in particular to revolt against him.
What a devious team!
Why must the Malays be painted so helpless without Umno, albeit by its leaders?
I sincerely hope our Malay brethrens will not join this racial game and be able to see the evils behind these players.
It definitely needs more than the status of race to survive in this fast and furious rat race because this race for survival is color blind.
I am basically a little blasé about racial politics although it is near impossible not to discuss it.
Since post election and with the formation of the Pakatan Rakyat government, I thought racial politics here are already passé.
How wrong was I.
Our politics are so structured with race that the statements from the various Umno leaders is
akin to adding fuel to fire.
Now, with so many fuels being added into our already burning racial fire, I am afraid that it is a matter of time it will cause an explosion which we all wanted to avoid since May 13th 1969.
Who do we blame if the events of May 13th recur?
If they ever want to let it happen, so be it. Then let us all suffer and maybe die together and let the next generation learn another lesson on racial tolerance.
Will they ever learn?

May 18, 2008

The Laughing Stock Of The World

"What cannot be spoken in words, but that whereby words are spoken." — Kenopanishad

May 15, 2008

What constitute as urgent matter in Parliament?

Manogaran: Why can't we debate death of NS trainee? ( The Star Thur.15th May 2008)
YB Manogaran, an opposition MP must be fuming mad that emergency motions tabled to discuss the death of a national service trainee was rejected by the Speaker in Parliament as it was regarded as non-urgent.

Despite of having sixteen deaths being reported to date, it is still a non-urgent matter to be discussed in the Dewan.
Maybe those who died are not the children of the VIPs.
Or maybe, if the one who dies is the child of a Minister, then it will be deemed an extreme urgent matter and there will a thorough investigation.
Or maybe we need to have many more deaths to be considered as an urgent matter.

Oh shit, I can hear my bowel moving and I got to go.

"Hello Mr.Speaker, can I go to the toilet to shit ah?"

"What? Cannot? It is not an urgent matter?"

"Ok Ok, to prove the urgency, I will just shit in the House lah, since it is already stink with biases."

Bloody hell, my shit almost come out already some more that idiot said it is not

May 14, 2008

What is in our August House?

We still have the same clowns doing the same acts of names calling, shouting and heckling one another.
And the new MPs are either still in a daze or in a state of confusion.
I sincerely hope our MPs can learn from their counterparts in England the art of debating in Parliament sensibly and gentlemanly.
It is truly an epitome on how to be a good parliamentarian.
I remember watching Tony Blair arguing his case for war against Iraq in the August House.
As he put forward his case for war, the opposition members listened intently and when it was their turn, which they have waited patiently, they argued against going to war sensibly. There was no shouting and heckling among the MPs.
It was indeed a joy watching the debate on TV.
Can our MPs emulate them?
I sincerely doubt so.
Many of the seniors have failed to demonstrate maturity in their performance, what’s more with the many newbies in Parliament.
There are many who are belligerent and will assail with the slightest opportunity.
Oh yes, there are also those who are pigheaded who refuse to give way to others.
The most abhorrent ones are those who threaten others and always debate along the line of racism.
The opposition parties, with the guidance of the senior leaders have managed to change the political structure of the country and now we hope the new MPs,who are all well educated, can change the image of the parliamentarians by displaying a true sense of professional ethos with ramification effect.
The following are the most hated words in Parliament which we must never forget:
"If you don't like it here, you can leave," the goons.

May 6, 2008

United We Will Fight

Today, all true Malaysians will stand together against those in power who are evils, corrupts, sinful and all those who bring nothing but hardship and frustrations to the people.

We will serve them justice for the injustice done to RPK.

May 3, 2008

Time To Tighten Your Belt

Hello everyone,please tighten your belt now.
No,I am not talking about the seat belts in the car or the plane.I am talking about the trouser's belt which needs to be tightened now simply because the cost of foods are increasingly costly now.

A simple meal is no more simple anymore.
A "simple" breakfast( the usual noodles) with drinks for five persons at the coffee shop now cost about RM25 and a dinner with three dishes at a coffee shop's restaurant will cost about RM50, what's more if we dine at those high-end restaurants.

The feel good factor in our livelihood seems to be slowly diminishing as the world grapples with the current food crisis.

As a food for thought (pun intended), please read the following reports to have a better understanding of the crisis:
Malaysia delays public projects to use money for food
Southeast Asia says to cooperate over food security
ADB calls for global action to combat soaring prices

Whether it is scary or worrisome,life got to goes on.

So please plan your budget carefully while you can still adjust, lest you need to change your belt or trouser or both.

May 1, 2008

Is Abdullah Badawi Playing A Political Mind Game?

As a Prime Minister, he has been labeled as sleeping beauty, useless, lembit and many more unflattering names.
Is he just as what are been labeled or we have not seen the true color of the man yet?
To answer this question, let us refresh our memory to the pre and post election happenings.

Despite of having almost a year before it is due for election and a not very conducive political climate caused by the Hindraf protests and the Lingam tape controversy, Abdullah Badawi still pushed ahead for an early election.
Further to these problems, there is also the keris issue, which was raised seemingly to protect the NEP and which has created anger and unhappiness among the non-Malays.
Why then did he call for an early election despite all these odds?
The constant verbal attacks by Mahathir would have make a lesser mortal fighting back. Instead, Abdullah Badawi chose to refrain from confronting him or, he may have other plans.
During the Lingam tape controversy, he allowed the news to flourish in all the mainstream medias.
Now, this controversy was widely reported that this happened because of the judiciary crisis during the legacy of Mahathir. The opposition parties’ leaders mentioned it and the bloggers have blog about it, but it was not Abdullah Badawi who said it.
Have you read and see how Mahathir defended himself over this issue?
Abdullah Badawi has talked about fighting corruptions since taking over the premiership.
To do this quickly and aggressively is political suicide to him. He knew too well that the Umnoputras are mostly corrupted to the core and to antagonize them will certainly make him lose his political support from the Umno goons who have maximize the ketuanan Melayu ideology to enrich themselves.
Now that the BN has lost the power grip in the election badly, Abdullah Badawi is telling these goons to buck-up and change to adapt to the new political frontiers. They need to listen to the people now.
See how he has removed Rafidah Aziz from his cabinet, although it could be better if he had removed more pigheaded goons.
An independent ACA and a new system of appointing judges are in the process of being set-up, without the fear of the political backlash from the Umno goons now.
Also, have you read and seen how Mahathir defended himself over the issue of corruptions?
Like the poker game, the Altantuya murder case could be his trump card to control his political enemy.
When the enemy does not know what your trump card is, he will not make the first move.
So, let us wait and see who will make the first move, when and what is the first move.
Currently Abdullah Badawi seems to be able to implement policies without constraints and able to exorcise the ghosts of the Umno goons(courtesy of losing big in the election), there is a possibility that he is able to resurrect his political career.
Despite many calls for him to resign from some Umno divisional heads, he managed to hold on steadfastly with a considerable good support.
If this is so, do you think he will step down voluntarily?