May 15, 2008

What constitute as urgent matter in Parliament?

Manogaran: Why can't we debate death of NS trainee? ( The Star Thur.15th May 2008)
YB Manogaran, an opposition MP must be fuming mad that emergency motions tabled to discuss the death of a national service trainee was rejected by the Speaker in Parliament as it was regarded as non-urgent.

Despite of having sixteen deaths being reported to date, it is still a non-urgent matter to be discussed in the Dewan.
Maybe those who died are not the children of the VIPs.
Or maybe, if the one who dies is the child of a Minister, then it will be deemed an extreme urgent matter and there will a thorough investigation.
Or maybe we need to have many more deaths to be considered as an urgent matter.

Oh shit, I can hear my bowel moving and I got to go.

"Hello Mr.Speaker, can I go to the toilet to shit ah?"

"What? Cannot? It is not an urgent matter?"

"Ok Ok, to prove the urgency, I will just shit in the House lah, since it is already stink with biases."

Bloody hell, my shit almost come out already some more that idiot said it is not


tony said...

if pm calls for a fresh GE sent
BN into orbit. enough is enough.

John Weinthal said...

How many Ministers' children are doing NS!!!!