May 30, 2008

Revelations Of The Grand Sagas

1) The most heartwarming achievement from this standoff is the ability of the people to unite and fight for justice together without fear of being bullied and without favor where race is irrelevant.This brings back the memory of the peoples’ power during the last election where the majority of the corrupts and incompetents were removed.
2) When innocent victims are allegedly whacked by the police and when thugs are involved to threaten the residents, the rule of law is being replaced by the rule of the mobs with impunity. Likewise, if I have a dispute which cannot be arbitrarily settled, I will engage the thugs to settle it for me. So, don’t you mess with me.
3) There is no country in the world whereby a road can be closed blatantly to subject its citizens by force to pay tolls. Malaysia will be the first to achieve this recognition which is one of the many ludicrous firsts for all the wrong recognitions.
4) This standoff is obviously due to business concerns. If the road is not closed, the toll concessionaire will stand to lose unless it is compensated by the government.
As the terms of the contracts cannot be revealed and opened for scrutiny, only God knows what was signed. There have been many alledged such contracts which led to many compensations being paid by the government. It seems the key word in these contracts is ‘compensation’ if circumstances are not favorable to the project undertaker.If this is true,then the contracts are lopsided and the government must be an asshole to sign these contracts.
5)When law enforcer and politics mix with business, what justice can the people get? Can justice be seen to be done? Will there be fairness for the ordinary people?
This whole saga is really sickening and has riled many right thinking citizens with anger.

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