Jun 3, 2008

When the clowns act, there is no laughter.

Supporting Act #1 :The Umnoputras as usual, have overreacted again over the decision of the PSD to increase the scholarships to non-bumiputras, although there are still many non-bumi students who are top scorers have failed to obtain the scholarships.
Why must the Umnoputras be so sensitive over this issue?
Aren't these students who excelled in their studies Malaysians too?
Is it kulitfication that produces unemployable graduates more important than excellent qualification that produces quality graduates?
Do the Umnoputras know why Malaysia is always going backward?
And when the country is short of professionals,the government will 'beg' them to come back.

Supporting Act #2 : The March 08 political tsunami has suddenly made Sabah and Sarawak the king makers now. Sabah has demanded the Federal government to take immediate and drastic action against the illegal immigrants that has plagued them for a long time.
Badawi has recommended a Cabinet Committee to tackle the issue which Sabah have rejected.This Cabinet Committee has been formed in the year 2000 and has failed to be effective as it is a powerless committee. They want nothing short of a Royal Commission of Inquiry(RCI) that has the power to take action against the witnesses and the wrongdoers.
Why is the Federal Government so reluctant to form a RCI?

Supporting Act #3 : The police have acted very swiftly by arresting the four persons who are accused of rioting against the police during the Bandar Makhota Cheras standoff with Grand Saga.The extension of bail against them is indeed very disturbing to most right thinking citizens.
Although there have been reports lodged against several policemen for hurting innocent victims, nothing much has been done against them.
Furthermore,there have also been reports that thugs were engaged to threaten the local residents, no outcome of the investigation,if any,is in sight.
Is this what we call justice?

Main Act #4 : The drastic action of increasing the hefty price hike in petrol to control the subsidy and the increased electricity tariff will certainly bring a lot of hardships to the people. The spiraling cost of living from the chain reaction is going to be great.
When the financial burdens of the people are stretched to the limits, many questions will be asked:
What happen to the oil revenue from Petronas?
Will Petronas be transparent and reveal its account?
Can the government make corruptions a zero sum game?
How much of money are wasted from failed projects?
Can the government trimmed the overstaffed civil service to save unnecessary expenses?

For most middle income earners with a small family,this might be still manageable with careful financial planning.
My greatest concern are the lower income earners with a big family.
How are they going to cope?
I have no qualms if the government is to provide them greater subsidies,regardless of race of course.
How about the Umnoputras?
Are they going to brouhaha and talk about kulitfication again?

Review : This whole bunch of clowns deserved to receive rotten eggs on their faces instead of the accolades. No matter how,they just failed to bring cheer and happiness to the people.
Are they dimwits,useless or just plain silly?

When there is not enough food to feed and not enough money to spend on basic needs,the temptation to turn to crimes will be high. We are living in a very difficult environment now:politically,socially and economically.
So,dear all, please be careful and take care.

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