Jun 8, 2008

Today in history

She was the former First Lady of the United States and the Senator for New York.She campaigned with full of confidence and was the hot favorite of the Democrats.
Yes! We are talking of Hilary Rodham Clinton who has lost the nomination for President of the United States.The seemingly unbeatable has been beaten.

He is a son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas and the Senator for Illinois.
He started the campaign as the underdog of the Democrats.With political savvy and charm,he managed to win the hearts of the Americans,including the whites.His campaign speeches were powerful, focussed and articulate.
Yes! Barack Obama has won the nomination for the President of the United States.
Today history is in the making.Tomorrow history will be made.

It is interesting to note that all the presidential candidates' campaign speeches,from the Democrats and the Republicans,were very focussed on key issues of the country and even outlined the needs to address these issues.This is what we called professionalism.
Non of Barack Obama's presidential opponents ever attacked him as being black.Race is never an issue,even among the voters.This is what we called democracy and fair play.

Now,for the million dollar questions:

1) Can Malaysia politics survive a two party system?

2) Can Malaysian politicians perform their duties away from the sick and damaging world of racial politics?

3) Can Malaysian politicians talk facts instead of twisting the facts and talk sense instead of cow sense?

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