Jul 31, 2008

When there is miracle,there is hope.

Lorenzo Odone, whose parents’ battle to save him from a rare nerve disorder was dramatised in the 1992 film ‘Lorenzo’s Oil’, died recently (30 May 2008) one day past his 30th birthday, from aspiration pneumonia, caused by food getting stuck in his lungs.

At the age of six he was diagnosed with adrenoleucodystrophy, a genetic disease that progressively destroys the myelin sheath around the nerves, and then the brain of young boys. The condition is extremely rare. It was also considered incurable, and ultimately fatal.

The disease leads to a build-up of very long chain fatty acids (VLCFAs) in the blood, and within a year children are paralysed blind, and unable to speak. Lorenzo was given less than two years to live, but his parents refused to accept the doctors’ prognosis. Augusto and Michaela Odone consulted every doctor and specialist they could, but the response, although sympathetic, was basically that nothing could be done, and so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Neither parent had any training in medical science, but they contacted experts in the field and examined all the available, if limited, research. They discovered that oleic acid, found in olive oil, helped suppress production of VLCFAs, but the addition of erucic acid, a derivative of rapeseed oil, in a ratio of one part erucic acid to four parts oleic acid, dramatically increased its effectiveness.

The oil, known as Lorenzo’s oil, works by inhibiting the enzymes required to synthesise the VLCFAs, but how this prevents the devastating symptoms is uncertain.

The change in Lorenzo was remarkable. After two years of treatment he had developed ways of communicating with his parents, blinking his eyes for “yes” and wiggling his fingers for “no”. He could also distinguish left from right, colours and shapes, swallow small amounts of soft food, and flex certain muscles.

A 10-year study ending in 1999 concluded that Lorenzo’s oil did delay the progression of adrenoleukodystrophy, being more effective if used before the onset of symptoms.
But it is no magic cure-all. The 1992 film ended on a suitably upbeat Hollywood note, but children continue to die, even when treated with the oil.

In the case of Lorenzo, however, his father is convinced that the oil gave him an extra 20 years of life, despite the conventional medical wisdom of the time that said it was impossible.

Jul 29, 2008

How much thicker can the skin gets ?

Corruptions exposed !
Fabrications exposed !
Inefficiencies exposed !
Injustices exposed !
Discriminations exposed !
Idiots exposed !
And the Prime Minister of Malaysia says:"Everything is under control".

Jul 23, 2008

We are having more and more political goons

I cannot help but feel annoyed when we have goons who will condemned Pakatan Rakyat over non-issues by twisting and turning the facts for their political gains when the rakyat are the ones who are set to gain.

“The state’s duty is to collect the compounds but it did not, so that is menyeleweng lah! Why are you taking care of those who are guilty? What about those who have paid, do they get a refund?” Azhar Ibrahim, who is state Umno secretary, retorted.http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/7/23/nation/21890874&sec=nation

“If the Malays can compromise with not having road signs in Jawi or Arabic, we do not see why the other races cannot practise a similar thing,” said Tanjung Umno Youth division chief Shaharuddin Hassan.http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/7/23/nation/21894011&sec=nation
Let us keep track on these two goons and decide later whether to list them in the Rakyat's Hall of Shame.

And then we also have the goons from Gerakan who tried to show their intelligence.
Former Datuk Keramat assemblyman Ong Thean Lye said yesterday he was shocked, but flattered, when he discovered on Monday night that Sungai Pinang assemblyman Koid Teng Guan's questions were exactly the same as the ones he posed at the assembly last November
Does it matter how the questions are asked and who asked the questions when core issues are concern?What the rakyat want to see are actions taken on these core issues and are not interested in plagiarism.
As for the intelligence part, let the rakyat judge.
Sigh, so much for Malaysian politics.

Jul 18, 2008

Rakyat's Hall of Shame

It has been for far too long that we, the rakyat have seen many dismal performances of the politicians. The most irritating aspect of this is the constant repeats of these performances which truly insult the intelligence of the rakyat.

It is time for the rakyat to induct a Hall of Shame for the habitual offenders to show them how abhorrent, ineffective or arrogant they are and the rakyat are not only watching but also tracking their performances.

The model for the induction of this Hall of Shame will be as follow:

1) Target:
a) Local councilors
b) MPs
c) Civil servants

2) Criteria:
a) Elements of racism – A good example is the lady MP from Perak whose comments were truly racists during the Perak State Assembly
b) Corruptions – The late former MP from Port Klang will be given the honor to be the first to be inducted.
c) Work performance - These are those who continuously shriek their job responsibilities and who do not walk the talk.
d) Attitude – The MP from Sabah who has the tendency to continuously say and show vulgarities in the august House is a classic example of poor attitude and arrogance. His name can be confirmed with immediate effect to be inducted in the rakyat’s Hall of Shame.

3) Panelists:
a) Medias
b) Bloggers – Each criterion will carry 10 points and a score of 8 consistently will qualify the person’s name to be listed. A consistency score of 6 to 7 will be a warning sign.
Can someone please help design a site for this listing and voting for the participation of all the bloggers? As this is the crucial part to initiate this project, I sincerely hope someone among the blogging fraternity is able to do this.
4) Duration: Each listed member will be given a time frame of 1 year to ‘turn over a new leaf’ to qualify for the removal of the name.
For the pigheaded ones who refused to change, the title of ‘Mother of all Shames’ will be bestowed upon them to keep for life.

Jul 15, 2008

I have a dream

I have a dream.
No, this dream is not akin to Martin Luther King’s visionary dream.
I dreamt that my grandfather was dying on my arms.
He was very weak and gasping for air. While he drew his last breadth, I pleaded with him," Wake-up, grandpa, please wake-up."
Now, let me juxtapose this dream to our political milieu.
I read with interest and concern in today’s The Star report on "Abdullah welcomes PAS statement on talks" which he favourably supported for Umno and PAS to hold discussions on Malay issues and Islam, the former a racist party and the later, an Islamic partisan party.
It has been decades that Umno has ruled thru racial politics and to cooperate with PAS is certainly seen to be a road-map to greater racial politics.
When two extreme parties of the same stock are involve in decisions making, the obvious final decision will certainly skewed one way.
It is indeed kind for Abdullah Badawi to caution the Malays to take into consideration the nterests of the non-Malays.
Will they heed his advice and do they care?
Looking at it from a hypothetical point of view, if the voices of the non-Malay parties in BN are constantly being subdued and subservient, it will ultimately make them leave BN to join the opposition parties. Eventually, it will leads to political clashes of the Malays against the non-Malays.
Who do you think will suffer the most?
Although Pakatan Rakyat is seen as a multi-coalition parties for all races, the cooperation of PAS, which is part of this coalition, with Umno is a case of concern for all.
Such cooperation or even a coalition will again change the political landscape which we all have had enough.
Can we ever unfetter ourselves from racial politics?
In my dream, I pleaded for the survival of my grandfather. Now, in reality I have to plead again, this time for the survival of Malaysia,"Wake-up, Malaysians, please wake-up."

Jul 13, 2008

Where money is meaningless

The conclusion of the Euro 2008 football championship has showcased some of the finest football we have witnessed so far.

Spain has shown how attacking football should be played and is truly worthy to be crowned the champion after 44 years with Russia being another team which has demonstrated some exciting football.

For those players who have played well, their value in the transfer market in the top professional leagues will certainly increase greatly.

We can only gawk in awe the amount of money these professional footballers are earning:
Ronaldo currently earns £120,000 a week at Old Trafford, lives in a £4mil mansion, has ordered an £835,000 Bugatti Veyron and is close to agreeing a new £23mil Nike sponsorship deal!(The Star, Sat 12th July)

Player salaries are on the rise in English Premier League.

(From AP Worldstream)


The average English Premier League player will make 676,000 pounds (US$1.2 million; A970,000) this year _ a 65 percent increase from 2000, according to a joint survey released.

List of Top 10 Highest-Paid Soccer Players By Forbes
1. Ronaldinho, Barcelona
Total Earning : $29.5 million eqv £16 million eqv €23.5 million

2. David Beckham, Real Madrid
Total Earning : $29.1 million eqv £15.8 million eqv €23.2 million

3. Ronaldo, AC Milan
Total Earning : $23.4 million eqv £12.7 million eqv €18.6 million

4. Wayne Rooney, Manchester United Total Earning : $17.2 million eqv £9.3 million eqv €13.7 million

5. Michael Ballack, Chelsea
Total Earning : $16.8 million eqv £9.1 million eqv €13.4 million

6. Thierry Henry, Arsenal
Total Earning : $15.8 million eqv £8.6 million eqv €12.6 million

7. Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid
Total Earning : $15.6 million eqv £8.5 million eqv €12.4 million

8. Fabio Cannavaro, Real Madrid
Total Earning : $14.6 million eqv £7.9 million eqv €11.6 million

9. John Terry, Chelsea
Total Earning : $14.3 million eqv £7.7 million eqv €11.4 million

10. Steven Gerrard, Liverpool
Total Earning : $14.2 million eqv £7.7 million eqv €11.3 million
It is incredulous that the wages of the players are astoundingly astronomical.

The players that command the highest pay are usually the strikers.
Isn’t football a team game?
If the strikers do not get the support from the midfielders or the defenders, they will not be able to score goals. Right?

Likewise, if the goalkeeper is not good at saving shots, the team will most likely lose.
Furthermore, the strikers can be good at scoring on one day and ineffective the next day.Remember those missed penalties?
So, why do they need to be so highly paid than the others?
If we are to convert all the top ten players’ wages from pound to ringgit, maybe it can drown a few Malaysian, from pound to rupiah, it can drown hundreds of Indonesians. And from pound to Zimbabwe currency? It can drown thousands of Zimbabwean!

So what do you think?
Do you agree that the wages of the footballers are simply overpaid and just plain silly and stupid?

Jul 5, 2008

National Treasure or National Disaster?

The next time when you on the TV to watch the Mandarin news, you will notice that the newsreader is a Malay.Likewise, the newsreader for the Indian news is a Chinese.

When you attend a Malay wedding, the kompang group comprises of Indians,Chinese and Malays.
During the Chinese New Year celebration, the traditional greetings by the lion dance is perform by the Malays and Indians.
Oh yes, we have the Bhangra which will be performed by the Malays,Indians and Chinese.

Now, how do you feel if you witness these events frequently in our country?
Don't you feel proud to be a Malaysian?

We live in such a cultural diversities that many foreigners can only envy of. In fact such diversities should be treasured by all and the government must take great initiatives to not only preserve but also promote cross inter-cultural activities among the people.

In our calendar year,we have Mother's and Father's Days,Teacher's Day and others.
Can we have a National Treasure Day?

I agree in totality with Dr.Syed Farid Alatas that our education system is truly polarising us.

“We do not live according to the three principles for harmonious relations – recognising the multi-cultural origins of civilisation, inter-religious encounters and showing respect and understanding the point of the other,” said Dr Syed Farid, the head of the Malay Studies Department and associate professor of sociology at the National University of Singapore.(The Star 5th July 2008)
Yes! Our education system simply does not inculcate these attitudes in us.
Yes! We have little appreciation for each other's religion and culture.

Everyone of us is aware of this dilemma we are facing and yet the government seems oblivious to this matter.The very system to educate racial integration in schools is simply not working.

What is wrong with our education system and what are the steps taken to rectify it?

With the current political turmoil, the politicians will certainly be very busy and engrossed to buttress their political career.
So,it is left to us,the rakyat to unify ourselves and boot those politicians who only served themselves.

I am afraid,very afraid in fact that the rakyat are already drifting too far apart.

Let us all preserve our cultural diversities as a national treasure before a national disaster strikes.

Jul 4, 2008

Jul 1, 2008

Even the monks also got fire

This is an aged old Chinese saying which means, even the monks who are highly spiritual can get angry.

Have you ever encounter, while driving along the busy roads in the business parks of the housing estates, where double parking is rampant?
These car owners do not give a damn that they are obstructing the traffic which causes traffic congestions. The situation is make worst when both sides of the road are double parked.

So what are you going to do when your car cannot pass through?
You start to honk and wait. As you honk, you get a lot of onlookers staring at you as if you are the culprit and as you wait, you start to curse and your temperature rises to make you feel like smashing the car.
The one situation that can really breaks a camel’s back is when your car is being blocked from coming out of the car park. As you do not know where the driver is, you either honk or run around the shops asking for the whereabouts of the driver like you are looking for a lost child.
The longer you wait, the higher the temperature rises until it reaches boiling point. This is when profanity will be at its best, you start to shout and argue with whatever foul words available.
How can we teach such inconsiderate drivers a lesson on empathy?
What can we do when as you honk, the other party is more aggressive than you, even though he is wrong?
Are the government authorities and the developers doing enough to curb this parking problem?
Sometimes such situation can spoil your day.
So remember to be patience or maybe listen to some music as you wait.
But then, even the monks also got fire.