Jul 18, 2008

Rakyat's Hall of Shame

It has been for far too long that we, the rakyat have seen many dismal performances of the politicians. The most irritating aspect of this is the constant repeats of these performances which truly insult the intelligence of the rakyat.

It is time for the rakyat to induct a Hall of Shame for the habitual offenders to show them how abhorrent, ineffective or arrogant they are and the rakyat are not only watching but also tracking their performances.

The model for the induction of this Hall of Shame will be as follow:

1) Target:
a) Local councilors
b) MPs
c) Civil servants

2) Criteria:
a) Elements of racism – A good example is the lady MP from Perak whose comments were truly racists during the Perak State Assembly
b) Corruptions – The late former MP from Port Klang will be given the honor to be the first to be inducted.
c) Work performance - These are those who continuously shriek their job responsibilities and who do not walk the talk.
d) Attitude – The MP from Sabah who has the tendency to continuously say and show vulgarities in the august House is a classic example of poor attitude and arrogance. His name can be confirmed with immediate effect to be inducted in the rakyat’s Hall of Shame.

3) Panelists:
a) Medias
b) Bloggers – Each criterion will carry 10 points and a score of 8 consistently will qualify the person’s name to be listed. A consistency score of 6 to 7 will be a warning sign.
Can someone please help design a site for this listing and voting for the participation of all the bloggers? As this is the crucial part to initiate this project, I sincerely hope someone among the blogging fraternity is able to do this.
4) Duration: Each listed member will be given a time frame of 1 year to ‘turn over a new leaf’ to qualify for the removal of the name.
For the pigheaded ones who refused to change, the title of ‘Mother of all Shames’ will be bestowed upon them to keep for life.


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