Jul 5, 2008

National Treasure or National Disaster?

The next time when you on the TV to watch the Mandarin news, you will notice that the newsreader is a Malay.Likewise, the newsreader for the Indian news is a Chinese.

When you attend a Malay wedding, the kompang group comprises of Indians,Chinese and Malays.
During the Chinese New Year celebration, the traditional greetings by the lion dance is perform by the Malays and Indians.
Oh yes, we have the Bhangra which will be performed by the Malays,Indians and Chinese.

Now, how do you feel if you witness these events frequently in our country?
Don't you feel proud to be a Malaysian?

We live in such a cultural diversities that many foreigners can only envy of. In fact such diversities should be treasured by all and the government must take great initiatives to not only preserve but also promote cross inter-cultural activities among the people.

In our calendar year,we have Mother's and Father's Days,Teacher's Day and others.
Can we have a National Treasure Day?

I agree in totality with Dr.Syed Farid Alatas that our education system is truly polarising us.

“We do not live according to the three principles for harmonious relations – recognising the multi-cultural origins of civilisation, inter-religious encounters and showing respect and understanding the point of the other,” said Dr Syed Farid, the head of the Malay Studies Department and associate professor of sociology at the National University of Singapore.(The Star 5th July 2008)
Yes! Our education system simply does not inculcate these attitudes in us.
Yes! We have little appreciation for each other's religion and culture.

Everyone of us is aware of this dilemma we are facing and yet the government seems oblivious to this matter.The very system to educate racial integration in schools is simply not working.

What is wrong with our education system and what are the steps taken to rectify it?

With the current political turmoil, the politicians will certainly be very busy and engrossed to buttress their political career.
So,it is left to us,the rakyat to unify ourselves and boot those politicians who only served themselves.

I am afraid,very afraid in fact that the rakyat are already drifting too far apart.

Let us all preserve our cultural diversities as a national treasure before a national disaster strikes.

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