Jul 15, 2008

I have a dream

I have a dream.
No, this dream is not akin to Martin Luther King’s visionary dream.
I dreamt that my grandfather was dying on my arms.
He was very weak and gasping for air. While he drew his last breadth, I pleaded with him," Wake-up, grandpa, please wake-up."
Now, let me juxtapose this dream to our political milieu.
I read with interest and concern in today’s The Star report on "Abdullah welcomes PAS statement on talks" which he favourably supported for Umno and PAS to hold discussions on Malay issues and Islam, the former a racist party and the later, an Islamic partisan party.
It has been decades that Umno has ruled thru racial politics and to cooperate with PAS is certainly seen to be a road-map to greater racial politics.
When two extreme parties of the same stock are involve in decisions making, the obvious final decision will certainly skewed one way.
It is indeed kind for Abdullah Badawi to caution the Malays to take into consideration the nterests of the non-Malays.
Will they heed his advice and do they care?
Looking at it from a hypothetical point of view, if the voices of the non-Malay parties in BN are constantly being subdued and subservient, it will ultimately make them leave BN to join the opposition parties. Eventually, it will leads to political clashes of the Malays against the non-Malays.
Who do you think will suffer the most?
Although Pakatan Rakyat is seen as a multi-coalition parties for all races, the cooperation of PAS, which is part of this coalition, with Umno is a case of concern for all.
Such cooperation or even a coalition will again change the political landscape which we all have had enough.
Can we ever unfetter ourselves from racial politics?
In my dream, I pleaded for the survival of my grandfather. Now, in reality I have to plead again, this time for the survival of Malaysia,"Wake-up, Malaysians, please wake-up."

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