Jul 1, 2008

Even the monks also got fire

This is an aged old Chinese saying which means, even the monks who are highly spiritual can get angry.

Have you ever encounter, while driving along the busy roads in the business parks of the housing estates, where double parking is rampant?
These car owners do not give a damn that they are obstructing the traffic which causes traffic congestions. The situation is make worst when both sides of the road are double parked.

So what are you going to do when your car cannot pass through?
You start to honk and wait. As you honk, you get a lot of onlookers staring at you as if you are the culprit and as you wait, you start to curse and your temperature rises to make you feel like smashing the car.
The one situation that can really breaks a camel’s back is when your car is being blocked from coming out of the car park. As you do not know where the driver is, you either honk or run around the shops asking for the whereabouts of the driver like you are looking for a lost child.
The longer you wait, the higher the temperature rises until it reaches boiling point. This is when profanity will be at its best, you start to shout and argue with whatever foul words available.
How can we teach such inconsiderate drivers a lesson on empathy?
What can we do when as you honk, the other party is more aggressive than you, even though he is wrong?
Are the government authorities and the developers doing enough to curb this parking problem?
Sometimes such situation can spoil your day.
So remember to be patience or maybe listen to some music as you wait.
But then, even the monks also got fire.

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Anonymous said...

The next Malaysian PM will be a woman. hehe. Remember Rahman