Oct 31, 2009

The Unbelievable

The Auditor-General's Report which has identified grouse mismanagement of government funds in many of the government departments, not only angered the people but has stretched our patience to the limits. The fact that this has been going on for umpteen years by those in power as if with impunity is indeed shocking and unbelievable.

And to fight such rampant corruptions, it is even more unbelievable for the PM to make the following statements as highlighted in red followed by comments in yellow:

The decision to form the
task force was made by the Cabinet at its meeting yesterday because it felt there was a need to look into any wrongdoings closely.
Well, the AG's reports have already identified the wrongdoings with all the relevant proofs. Is there any need to look closely anymore, like starting to investing all over again?

“They will not necessarily face legal action. They might face administrative action like surcharge, demotion, having their promotions frozen or be transferred,” Najib said.
This statement is the mother of all shockers.
It is akin to saying: "Well, since you have pocketed enough, I will transfer you to another department. Give other people a chance la".
Do you mind being transferred or demoted when you have pocketed millions with no charges against you for corruption?

Asked if setting up the task force was aimed an stopping corruption, he said: “Let’s be realistic, there cannot be absolute zero corruption but if we show seriousness (in going after those involved), I believe we can bring the numbers down considerably,” he said.
Hello Mr. PM, we have failed miserably in fighting corruptions.
How can you fight corruptions when your statements sounded so weak and so reluctant to charge the corrupts. For the country's sake, please use your power to nail these scorns of our society. Nail the big fish and the small ones will 'die' a natural death.

Oct 27, 2009

Believe what we believe in

1) The 2008 Auditor-General’s annual report has confirmed our beliefs that there are rampant corruptions through mismanagement and abuse of government funds. The sickening part of such a report is, while blatant corruptions have been identified, actions against the corrupts are either at a slow pace or merely for show. How much longer can we as taxpayers, stomach such a cancerous disease of greed and corruptions?

2) We believe that the Federal Government is not cooperating and assisting to the fullest in all the PR controlled states. When funds are not forthcoming, projects are either delayed or put on-hold and with the Little Napoleons in almost all departments, how can we then expect PR to rule efficiently. As such, for the DPM to say that these states are poorly administered, does not hold water at all.

3) We believe that BN is trying to sabotage the image of PR through its controlled mainstream medias. And it has been proven that factual truths are been distorted to become lies and lies become the truths.
4) We believe that many of the PR State Assemblyman and Parliamentarians are being targeted for selective persecution. Such attempts are nothing but to bring down the PR government either through by-elections or enticing the frog jumpers whom PR should gladly let go.

5) We believe that the 1Malaysia concept and the calls for change by Umno are nothing but a marketing ploy to please the peoples’ clarion call for change. With such a deep-rooted history of race politics, can we believe that it can change?

6) We believe that since the March 2008 election, the victory of PR has brought us hope for change: a change that we can believe in. The fight for change is not the responsibility of only one man but the responsibility of all in PR. And together we must make this change possible.

7) We believe that we are no fools. No matter what the evils say and do to sabotage PR, our hope for a clean and transparent government that can bring the country forward lies with PR. There will be grumbles and rumbles but we must never let PR tumble.

Oct 16, 2009

Greeting to all my Malaysian Indian brothers & sisters

May your home light up with the joy of Deepavali

Oct 15, 2009

Reformasi Umno

Can UMNO change that we can believe in ?

Oct 13, 2009

Post MCA's EGM analysis

1) Your hands must be dirtied in order to be cleaned in politics: The MCA President has learned it the hard way. His crusade to fight corruptions through transparency had stepped on many dirtied toes that are powerful enough to gang-up to remove him.

2) Either you are with me or against me: When one is against a person who has plenty of cash, where the ‘throwing’ of money to get things done is chicken feed and no matter how ‘clean’ the other party is, money is power. And God knows how much of money is involved.

3) Ghee Hin versus Hai San: The Chinese are reliving the history of gangsterism of these two rivals that existed here centuries ago. Whoever is the new President or Deputy President will be labeled as from different rival camps. And this rivalry will begin from the top and down to the supporters.

4) ‘Sick party of Malaysia’: The MCA should be aptly called as such because of its notorious records of in-fighting for power. It is truly sickening to the Chinese in particular to see such rivalry from a party that is supposed to look after their interest. If this ‘sickness’ is not resolve fast enough, it could be discarded by BN like a leper.

5) Integrity and dignity do not exist in politics: It is bared for all to see, the tainted one is openly fighting for power and the corrupted one continues to walk free. As for the ‘clean’ one, there is no place for him in Malaysia’s politics.

6) Two tigers cannot roam the same mountain: This holds true when the two tigers are hot-headed that bring no peace. With this in mind, the delegates are brave enough to remove the two leaders hoping to form a new team. Apparently, it has worsened the political situation in the party.

7) There is no permanent enemy or friend in politics: If the two rivals understand this saying in politics, gentlemen enough and for the sake of the party, they should shake hands and move the party forward and to regain some lost respect.

8) Power play of the forces: The so-called fence sitters have now reared their head to be a power player. While some retired leaders are playing behind the scene, others have joined in the power play directly. Under such a scenario, there will be plenty of wheeling and dealing from those with vested interests.

9) When cow sense has prevailed over common sense: When most of the component parties in BN are in disarray and losing support, this is the most opportune time for MCA to be strongly united. A strongly united party will enable the party to build a solid ground for respect and avoid being a punching bag in BN. As it is now, MCA is in such a total shambles due to its cow sense mentality that besides losing support, it has disgraced the Chinese.

10) And the division gets deeper: There are already some rumblings that the Foo Chows have triumphed over the Hainanese. Such comments, jokingly or otherwise, must never be allowed to flourish in MCA to divide the Chinese further, otherwise it is better for MCA to be known as Malaysia's Clans Association.

Oct 9, 2009

"Hello, Education Minister, I am sitting for my PMR examination. Your presence in the examination hall is distracting my concentration and giving me unnecessary pressure. If you just to want to show your concern, please observe from outside with your bunch of officers. And please use some common sense. Oh God, which question am I answering now?"

Oct 5, 2009

The rise of the dragon

See how China has changed over 60 years
As China celebrates its 60th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China on 1st Oct with great pomp and pageantry that befits the occasion and with the world watching in awe, many world leaders must be wondering what is in store for the world, economically and military in the future from a country that has risen from ashes.

As the founding father of the People's Republic of China, Chairman Mao Zedong was revered like god-like status. The whole nation followed him loyally. However, he was good in fighting but poor in governing. The Chinese had suffered so much of miseries and disasters under his leadership, that it had practically taught the people the art of survival. The Cultural Revolution and The Great Leap Forward that were advocated by Chairman Mao were two major disasters that had caused millions of people died of starvation.
The Opium War with the British during the Manchu era and the occupation by the Japanese during the Second World War had brought so much of shame to the Chinese that they were called ‘The sick man of Asia’.

If we were to look at the history of China much earlier on, like during the voyages of Admiral Zheng Ho, the might and superiority of China was shown to the world: a fleet of powerful ships, the invention of fireworks and paper and many other discoveries. Interestingly, despite all these power and might, the Chinese never set out to conquer but to conduct trade.

Today, the Chinese has learned much from history and as strong followers of the teachings of Confucius, the will to succeed has make them a remarkable race: a race that has earn the respect from the world over. The sick man is no more sick and is well and strong now to challenge the world. In the words of Chairman Mao: "The Chinese people have stood up!".

And today, China is the third largest economy in the world and it has been forecasted that it may take over the United States to become the world’s largest economy in a decade from now. Being the world's most populous nation, it can be achieved. The Chinese has demonstrated to the world of its ability to perform since the successful staging of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. The success of its space programme and the speed of its industrialization, from building bullet trains to airplanes have open a floodgate of opportunities for the world's economy. With an average growth of about 8% for the last decade, it has propelled China's foreign reserves to more than USD3 trillion, making it the highest in the world.
Can we learn something from the Chinese?

It makes me wonder, what will be the history of the world in general and Malaysia in particular be now, if Admiral Zheng Ho had set out to conquer the world and Malacca.

Oct 1, 2009

Will it happen here?

It is with sadness that we read of the earthquakes which struck at Samoa and Indonesia’s Sumatra island causing untold miseries to many. At least more than 7o people have been reported killed in Indonesia and many are victims who are trapped under the rubbles of the collapsed buildings. The death toll may rise to thousands as many more are still being trapped underneath. And in Samoa, a magnitude of 8.0 is strong enough to trigger a massive tsunami causing widespread destruction with more than 100 victims already dead.
The earthquake in Indonesia which registered a magnitude of 7.6 can even be felt in KL, PJ, Penang and Johor, causing panic among residents and workers in high rise buildings to be evacuated. It must be noted that this is not the first time that we have felt earthquake tremors. We have experienced this several times before.
As tremors are caused by the movement of earth underneath and with most of our buildings not designed and built to withstand earthquake, it makes me wonder(and concern) whether the foundations of the buildings are still strong enough. If for example, each earthquake affects the foundation of the building by 5%, the strike of three earthquakes would have affected the foundation by 15%. What will happen if the next earthquake that strikes has a magnitude of 9.0 or 10.00? How many more tremors can our buildings withstand?
Have the relevant authorities taken this into consideration so that inspection of buildings can be carried out before untold calamities happen?
As Indonesia is situated in the ring of fire and it being our neighbor, there is a high possibility of further earthquakes. The notion that we do not have earthquake here does not hold true anymore. Whether it is going to happen here, only time will tell.