Oct 1, 2009

Will it happen here?

It is with sadness that we read of the earthquakes which struck at Samoa and Indonesia’s Sumatra island causing untold miseries to many. At least more than 7o people have been reported killed in Indonesia and many are victims who are trapped under the rubbles of the collapsed buildings. The death toll may rise to thousands as many more are still being trapped underneath. And in Samoa, a magnitude of 8.0 is strong enough to trigger a massive tsunami causing widespread destruction with more than 100 victims already dead.
The earthquake in Indonesia which registered a magnitude of 7.6 can even be felt in KL, PJ, Penang and Johor, causing panic among residents and workers in high rise buildings to be evacuated. It must be noted that this is not the first time that we have felt earthquake tremors. We have experienced this several times before.
As tremors are caused by the movement of earth underneath and with most of our buildings not designed and built to withstand earthquake, it makes me wonder(and concern) whether the foundations of the buildings are still strong enough. If for example, each earthquake affects the foundation of the building by 5%, the strike of three earthquakes would have affected the foundation by 15%. What will happen if the next earthquake that strikes has a magnitude of 9.0 or 10.00? How many more tremors can our buildings withstand?
Have the relevant authorities taken this into consideration so that inspection of buildings can be carried out before untold calamities happen?
As Indonesia is situated in the ring of fire and it being our neighbor, there is a high possibility of further earthquakes. The notion that we do not have earthquake here does not hold true anymore. Whether it is going to happen here, only time will tell.


engann said...

WILL IT HAPPEN HERE? The Earthquake.

As you said so in the last sentences of your blog, "only time will tell."

People are no doubt don't expect this kind of disaster will happen in our land, even though it is depended upon the change and move of the earth plate.
But man-made disasters are in the making every day. Traffic accidents are one of its. Incurable diseases are another. Thirdly the the man-kind stupidity and superstition innate.
Stupidity in choosing a government which is perfidious and superstition in religion which is wrongly interpreted and preaching.
Man is made to be kind and peace loving living thing. Religion is to add on to make human to be more wonderfully designated in their lives. But unfortunately, religion was made to add more suffers and disasters to people by someone who are more crook and evil in application of man kindness.
These are the main disasters people should be always beware of.

TNM said...

I can feel the time is already here because my office building moved stronger this time of earthquake in Sumantra.

Dax Low said...

You have a point here, engann.

We cannot control natural disasters but can control those man-made disasters like accidents,wars, diseases and etc. Yet,we human beings failed miserably to prevent the many deaths of innocent human lives.

As TNM said, the pulse of the earthquake is getting stronger here now. So let us be prepared for any eventuality.