Oct 31, 2009

The Unbelievable

The Auditor-General's Report which has identified grouse mismanagement of government funds in many of the government departments, not only angered the people but has stretched our patience to the limits. The fact that this has been going on for umpteen years by those in power as if with impunity is indeed shocking and unbelievable.

And to fight such rampant corruptions, it is even more unbelievable for the PM to make the following statements as highlighted in red followed by comments in yellow:

The decision to form the
task force was made by the Cabinet at its meeting yesterday because it felt there was a need to look into any wrongdoings closely.
Well, the AG's reports have already identified the wrongdoings with all the relevant proofs. Is there any need to look closely anymore, like starting to investing all over again?

“They will not necessarily face legal action. They might face administrative action like surcharge, demotion, having their promotions frozen or be transferred,” Najib said.
This statement is the mother of all shockers.
It is akin to saying: "Well, since you have pocketed enough, I will transfer you to another department. Give other people a chance la".
Do you mind being transferred or demoted when you have pocketed millions with no charges against you for corruption?

Asked if setting up the task force was aimed an stopping corruption, he said: “Let’s be realistic, there cannot be absolute zero corruption but if we show seriousness (in going after those involved), I believe we can bring the numbers down considerably,” he said.
Hello Mr. PM, we have failed miserably in fighting corruptions.
How can you fight corruptions when your statements sounded so weak and so reluctant to charge the corrupts. For the country's sake, please use your power to nail these scorns of our society. Nail the big fish and the small ones will 'die' a natural death.


engann said...

Dear Cancan,

The government concerned has to look into it before stern action being taken against those relevant corrupted "supermen" of
This is a usual government procedure of pattern in tackling problems stirred up by government officials no matter how much money has gone nowhere and disappeared.
Don't be panic if the government is not going to take any step of action to find out who are those super powerful men.
It was said that it used to be the money politic in Malaysia. Once again and again moneys were embezzled, rakyat settled the bills.
Why 308 political tsunami appeared at that time? It was a sign that the current government was as criminalization as shit parasite sucking rakyat money through government control machinery of powerful institute. It has conspicuously happened to make people are fed up of them at much of it.
Whatever report made about the unconsciousness of stealing government money that belong to public is useless and powerless to arrest those powerful wrong malefactors. It is all for show and a making of wasting A-G's times and efforts in checking it through careful scrutinizing with tons of sweat and hectic of time.
Why we have to worry about it? Is it because we do love our country? Is that why we make lot of noises of voices to remind our beloved government officials to pay more attention on it?
Do they understand our intentions and anxieties? If not because the advancement of technology improves the optical cyberspace of internet, is it possible we are welly informed the mistake made by our government officials? Once we have known about it, can we make any complaint?
They are still in the mist of blind. Their minds are fully blocked and the work of thinking nerve is unbelievable weak and nonfunctional.
Dear cancan, I know your hearty concern of this country's development and progression, would they really want to listen to you? Can they try to listen to those people they employ as troopers to find out the talk of rakyat critique about their wrong doings were exposed, and they try to amend it and upright the wrong?
They wouldn't! They don't even know your blood inside your heart is red. Good day and good luck! brother!

Dax Low said...

All I can say at this point of time is for us all to pray and hope for a better future in this country.

Thank you and God bless us all.