Oct 15, 2009

Reformasi Umno

Can UMNO change that we can believe in ?


Hamba said...

Yes, we can believe UMNO will change. The real question is will they change for the better or for the worse? Most likely it's the latter!

ktteokt said...

I thought UMNO was always against REFORMASI! Just look at how they responded to Anwar's REFORMASI call those days!

cancan said...

Reform we will.
To achieve this, we must not sit still.
Yesterday was a bitter pill
Today,let us make sure we can afford to pay our bills before those corrupts clean the government's till.
And yes, reform we will.

Anonymous said...

Politically Bn has to make changes themselves. In order to tightly grip of power for ruling, they have to rejuvenate. It must go through painful over-hauling themselves.Could they do it for the sake of country and its people? They could if the would try to.
But important part is that could they change their fundamental concept of taking about this country which way to go and how to develop it? Could they really bow to share this country's resources of wealth and power of ruling with other races?
These are mean changes. Other than that, it is only talking and bluffing. After 52 year, then now talking about 1 Malaysia. It is an ashamed material of ridiculousness.
Singapore takes how many year to develop herself? (aiya,Singapore again sorry) Does it have to emphasize 1 Singapore as we do? Go and ask those Malays and Indians there for its answer. Then you would know what I mean, brother!

Anonymous said...

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