Oct 27, 2009

Believe what we believe in

1) The 2008 Auditor-General’s annual report has confirmed our beliefs that there are rampant corruptions through mismanagement and abuse of government funds. The sickening part of such a report is, while blatant corruptions have been identified, actions against the corrupts are either at a slow pace or merely for show. How much longer can we as taxpayers, stomach such a cancerous disease of greed and corruptions?

2) We believe that the Federal Government is not cooperating and assisting to the fullest in all the PR controlled states. When funds are not forthcoming, projects are either delayed or put on-hold and with the Little Napoleons in almost all departments, how can we then expect PR to rule efficiently. As such, for the DPM to say that these states are poorly administered, does not hold water at all.

3) We believe that BN is trying to sabotage the image of PR through its controlled mainstream medias. And it has been proven that factual truths are been distorted to become lies and lies become the truths.
4) We believe that many of the PR State Assemblyman and Parliamentarians are being targeted for selective persecution. Such attempts are nothing but to bring down the PR government either through by-elections or enticing the frog jumpers whom PR should gladly let go.

5) We believe that the 1Malaysia concept and the calls for change by Umno are nothing but a marketing ploy to please the peoples’ clarion call for change. With such a deep-rooted history of race politics, can we believe that it can change?

6) We believe that since the March 2008 election, the victory of PR has brought us hope for change: a change that we can believe in. The fight for change is not the responsibility of only one man but the responsibility of all in PR. And together we must make this change possible.

7) We believe that we are no fools. No matter what the evils say and do to sabotage PR, our hope for a clean and transparent government that can bring the country forward lies with PR. There will be grumbles and rumbles but we must never let PR tumble.


ktteokt said...

Does that mean the people in PR ruled states need not pay income tax?

Anonymous said...

1234567s are all coolly true and right without a slight foul talking by you as mentioned.
The more the manipulator did on behalf of government arms, the more people of Malaysia will see it obviously clear. People are no more Ah Moun under the tree. Definitely, people can think better them; the morons of ruling elites. What people really want, do they really know about it? Would people give them their mandates again to form a government to rule over them?
A country is poorly run by a bunch of educated but relentless political player. Could it be properly developed as other Asian countries do? 52 years are too much. People have to take it back their power and cleverly appoint another capable group of people to rule this country.

cancan said...

Let us pray and hope that this country can change for the betterment of all.