Oct 13, 2009

Post MCA's EGM analysis

1) Your hands must be dirtied in order to be cleaned in politics: The MCA President has learned it the hard way. His crusade to fight corruptions through transparency had stepped on many dirtied toes that are powerful enough to gang-up to remove him.

2) Either you are with me or against me: When one is against a person who has plenty of cash, where the ‘throwing’ of money to get things done is chicken feed and no matter how ‘clean’ the other party is, money is power. And God knows how much of money is involved.

3) Ghee Hin versus Hai San: The Chinese are reliving the history of gangsterism of these two rivals that existed here centuries ago. Whoever is the new President or Deputy President will be labeled as from different rival camps. And this rivalry will begin from the top and down to the supporters.

4) ‘Sick party of Malaysia’: The MCA should be aptly called as such because of its notorious records of in-fighting for power. It is truly sickening to the Chinese in particular to see such rivalry from a party that is supposed to look after their interest. If this ‘sickness’ is not resolve fast enough, it could be discarded by BN like a leper.

5) Integrity and dignity do not exist in politics: It is bared for all to see, the tainted one is openly fighting for power and the corrupted one continues to walk free. As for the ‘clean’ one, there is no place for him in Malaysia’s politics.

6) Two tigers cannot roam the same mountain: This holds true when the two tigers are hot-headed that bring no peace. With this in mind, the delegates are brave enough to remove the two leaders hoping to form a new team. Apparently, it has worsened the political situation in the party.

7) There is no permanent enemy or friend in politics: If the two rivals understand this saying in politics, gentlemen enough and for the sake of the party, they should shake hands and move the party forward and to regain some lost respect.

8) Power play of the forces: The so-called fence sitters have now reared their head to be a power player. While some retired leaders are playing behind the scene, others have joined in the power play directly. Under such a scenario, there will be plenty of wheeling and dealing from those with vested interests.

9) When cow sense has prevailed over common sense: When most of the component parties in BN are in disarray and losing support, this is the most opportune time for MCA to be strongly united. A strongly united party will enable the party to build a solid ground for respect and avoid being a punching bag in BN. As it is now, MCA is in such a total shambles due to its cow sense mentality that besides losing support, it has disgraced the Chinese.

10) And the division gets deeper: There are already some rumblings that the Foo Chows have triumphed over the Hainanese. Such comments, jokingly or otherwise, must never be allowed to flourish in MCA to divide the Chinese further, otherwise it is better for MCA to be known as Malaysia's Clans Association.


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Two is company, three is crowd.