May 26, 2008

When is promotion a promotion?

I saw this photo front-paged on The Sunday Star and thought that this is quite an interesting event.
But hey, wait a minute,I did not know that there is such an event.To check my naiveness and ignorance, I called some businessman friends and college students.
The answers I got confirmed that I am still a sane person.
Non of them were aware of such an event and some even asked back what the heck is Citrawarna(with difficulty pronouncing it) and why was it held faraway in Putrajaya.

It was reported that there were 1600 participants who wore many different colorful costumes, laser shows, live celebrity performers and a ten minutes fireworks display.If we take into consideration the logistics and the miscellaneous expenses, it must have cost millions to stage this mega event.
Have the Tourism Ministry met its objectives?
Were there bus loads of tourists(local and foreign) who came to witness this event?
What is the expectation of the Return of Investment?

By the way,have you noticed the sombre looking faces of the Ministers?
Come on man or lady (I am not too sure whether it makes any difference) smile please, you are launching an exciting event for the tourists.
If you are not happy, then the tourists are not happy too.

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monsterball said...

Sombre face?
Too shy to show...not many spectators.