May 3, 2008

Time To Tighten Your Belt

Hello everyone,please tighten your belt now.
No,I am not talking about the seat belts in the car or the plane.I am talking about the trouser's belt which needs to be tightened now simply because the cost of foods are increasingly costly now.

A simple meal is no more simple anymore.
A "simple" breakfast( the usual noodles) with drinks for five persons at the coffee shop now cost about RM25 and a dinner with three dishes at a coffee shop's restaurant will cost about RM50, what's more if we dine at those high-end restaurants.

The feel good factor in our livelihood seems to be slowly diminishing as the world grapples with the current food crisis.

As a food for thought (pun intended), please read the following reports to have a better understanding of the crisis:
Malaysia delays public projects to use money for food
Southeast Asia says to cooperate over food security
ADB calls for global action to combat soaring prices

Whether it is scary or worrisome,life got to goes on.

So please plan your budget carefully while you can still adjust, lest you need to change your belt or trouser or both.


Anonymous said...

I fail to see why Malaysia has to be constantly facing these shortage crises. First we have diesel shortage, then sugar shortage, then flour, followed by rice. Does it mean that Malaysians have learnt to consume more diesel? Or take more sugar, flour or rice all of a sudden?

All these are artificial shortages created by some "hidden" hand who has the power to control supply. Let's pick out this guy, eliminate him and we can all live in peace.

Anonymous said...

If only the bloody corrupt UMNO led BN government would stop wasting public funds on Mega Crony projects and overseas Lawatan Sambil Belajar tourism (space tourism too), we won't be in such a mess! Malaysians work hard, long hours and for little salaries. UMNO and their cronies squander it all.