May 24, 2008

Football and Politics

The football season is already over.
There will be the winners and losers, heroes and villains.
For the fans, there will be excitement and disappointments.
In all the football matches, the strikers are always the heroes of the team because the winning of a game is basically at their feet.
Whenever a goal is scored, you will see the teammates congratulating the striker like a hero.
On the other hand, if the striker has conceded a penalty to the opponent or missed a penalty which has caused the team to lose in a major game, he will be vilified as a villain not only by his teammates but his fans as well.
In Malaysia, Mahathir is akin to a striker who has lived his heroic days while he was the PM.
As a hero during his early days of premiership, he advocated the Bersih,Amanah dan Cekap concept of governance which has provided some life to the already moribund administrative system.
Some of the major ‘goals’ scored by him are: Putrajaya, MSC, KLIA, Proton, KLC and Penang Bridge.
However, some are disputable as they are deemed to be a wastage of public funds and some are failures which means they are 'off-sides'.
Although Mahathir has scored many ‘goals’, he has also missed many ‘penalties’ and caused blatant 'fouls' which make him a villain among the people.
His incessant tirade on Badawi has so much hatred that it has caused disunity and tensions among the people.
During his premiership, cronyism thrived and so did corruptions.
The most dangerous ‘foul’ committed by him which deserved a 'red card'(but was not given) is the deepening division of the people through the many racial discriminatory policies of the NEP.
Currently, Mahathir as a senior 'striker' is still consistently committing blatant 'fouls' and missed 'penalty kicks' which has make him a liability to his Umno club.
His constant arguments with his teammates is the last straw that broke the camel’s back.
The next logical move is to dispose him to another club, at a discounted price.
So, any taker for our Malaysian striker?


John Weinthal said...

Putrajaya - symbol of national cultural and economic bankruptcy. An international joke town here nobody chooses to live and none are required to work - just take the money and rob the people (and vote UMNO!).
You missed the Mahatir Jnr playpen - Sepang. A playground for the billionaires to demonstrate their lack of driving talent in their Lamborghinis, Porsches, Paganis and Ferraris.

KLCC? At least it is sited where people can see it and has the grace and style to attract recognition as such international icon constructs as Eifel Tower, Sydney's Opera House and Harbour Bridge and Tower Bridge, London.

Obefiend said...


this was my take..........with nice graphics!