May 14, 2008

What is in our August House?

We still have the same clowns doing the same acts of names calling, shouting and heckling one another.
And the new MPs are either still in a daze or in a state of confusion.
I sincerely hope our MPs can learn from their counterparts in England the art of debating in Parliament sensibly and gentlemanly.
It is truly an epitome on how to be a good parliamentarian.
I remember watching Tony Blair arguing his case for war against Iraq in the August House.
As he put forward his case for war, the opposition members listened intently and when it was their turn, which they have waited patiently, they argued against going to war sensibly. There was no shouting and heckling among the MPs.
It was indeed a joy watching the debate on TV.
Can our MPs emulate them?
I sincerely doubt so.
Many of the seniors have failed to demonstrate maturity in their performance, what’s more with the many newbies in Parliament.
There are many who are belligerent and will assail with the slightest opportunity.
Oh yes, there are also those who are pigheaded who refuse to give way to others.
The most abhorrent ones are those who threaten others and always debate along the line of racism.
The opposition parties, with the guidance of the senior leaders have managed to change the political structure of the country and now we hope the new MPs,who are all well educated, can change the image of the parliamentarians by displaying a true sense of professional ethos with ramification effect.
The following are the most hated words in Parliament which we must never forget:
"If you don't like it here, you can leave," the goons.

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