May 19, 2008

We do not need anymore fire for our already burning fire

The recent statement from our ex-premier, Dr.Mahathir is indeed cause for concern for all peace loving Malaysians.
Dr.Mahathir had told a Malay crowd in Johor Baru that if the Malays keep quiet, they will lose their rights and the other races will take over.
It is indeed disappointing that this statement came from Dr. Mahathir because it was during his tenure as PM he had advocated the concept of Bangsa Malaysia.
Why backtracked now?
To counter the statement, Umno information chief, Muhammed Taib have mentioned that the Malays are not losing its political power as the BN is still ruling the country.
Further to this, Tenku Razaleigh had mentioned that the Malays will be lost in direction if Umno is not in power.
We should also take note that Mukriz Mahathir, son of Dr. Mahathir is also playing the racial card in Umno.
This father and son team is so bend on dislodging Abdullah Badawi from power that they are playing the racial card to instill fear and anger on the Malays in general and the Umnoputras in particular to revolt against him.
What a devious team!
Why must the Malays be painted so helpless without Umno, albeit by its leaders?
I sincerely hope our Malay brethrens will not join this racial game and be able to see the evils behind these players.
It definitely needs more than the status of race to survive in this fast and furious rat race because this race for survival is color blind.
I am basically a little blasé about racial politics although it is near impossible not to discuss it.
Since post election and with the formation of the Pakatan Rakyat government, I thought racial politics here are already passé.
How wrong was I.
Our politics are so structured with race that the statements from the various Umno leaders is
akin to adding fuel to fire.
Now, with so many fuels being added into our already burning racial fire, I am afraid that it is a matter of time it will cause an explosion which we all wanted to avoid since May 13th 1969.
Who do we blame if the events of May 13th recur?
If they ever want to let it happen, so be it. Then let us all suffer and maybe die together and let the next generation learn another lesson on racial tolerance.
Will they ever learn?


Anonymous said...

Let me state a very racial can trust a Malay...even a mamak Tamil Muslim......but never, never a kaka...a Kerala Muslim......

The Malays in this country are in serious trouble if they think that this kaka is their God sent fairy tale piper....

Anonymous said...

did mahathir really say that?
wow, he should be detained under ISA.

Wake up Pak Lah, do something!!! before you are done!!!

Anonymous said...

Charge him with sedition. He is a traitor to his race! Not the Malay race but Rawther Kutty's race.

tony said...

malays MPs from PAS and PKR can represent the malays better.
UMNO sudah expired and
ketinggalan zaman.

tourman53 said...

Mahathir is a dead man with a mouth that talks nonsense.He should be left behind bars.