Apr 27, 2009

Mat Rempits, Oh Mat Rempits

Through sheer grit and determination, your parents brought you into this world
Instead of taking a straight path to adulthood, you prefer to take a detour
Your life is already planned with plenty of opportunities and favours
But you prefer to use your machine and a hallucinated courage to conquer

You terrorize against the innocents and the disabled to commit your crimes
Robbing and bullying seem so natural and fine
While we make the utmost use of our time, your morals are constantly on the decline
What are you? Morons of society who do not want to shine?

Meanwhile, on the street we need to constantly look behind, left, right and center
We trust that, without fear and favor, the police will act due to our immense pressure
To simply remove their boredom is never a good measure
Where are their parents to give them a good lecture?

They say they do it because of boredom
We say they do it because of the stupidity syndrome
The politicians are calling for stern actions now with so much pomp
But then, the people have already called for it till the cows come home

Drastic actions need to be taken before their bigheads swell
How long do we have to wait before we can send them a final farewell?
And who will lead to fight against this public enemy number one, nobody can tell
In the meantime, God, please protect our souls in this living hell


donplaypuks® said...

Perhaps you should get in touch with KJ who thought he had an instant solution to a deep social problem.


lkh said...

Their sole supporter was missed out to be minister. They wanted to show their point to BN's government it was wrong to put down their supporter not to be appointed into cabinet. Pity to them that they are unable to understand life is precious. They don't treasure their lives, how to fathom life is pleasure? Make themselves to be disgraceful by its way making their parents to be unthoughtful. Do not teach them to be careful when riding motor cycle on the road. Please, Cancan, don't ask God to protect them and save their souls. It is their choices. It is their encroachment on the road. Ask the government to help them is better than asking God to protect them. They are in fact products of government perfidious policy implementation reproduced items. Government should be blamed.

cancan said...

Well IKH,what I wrote was to ask God to protect our souls against these menaces of society.

If there are no serious efforts to curb their activities by the govt., I am afraid they will become more daring.
Then,my fellow blogger donplaypuks, even KY will be helpless.

Kok Heng said...

Dear Cancan,
I'm sorry I have misread your article. I'll be careful next time reading your article. Thanks.
They are certain irresponsible umnoristic politicians had supported their maniac activities before. They had even talked good about them and wanted to recruit them as their election runners and campaigners. I really don't understand why they want to make use of them. Is it they are a bunch of nincompoops can be used free? What a cheap scale of mindset innate in their bone? Remember KJ and Azlina's commenting about them? Both two tried to upgrade them as hero.