May 4, 2009

My True Malaysian Idol

Rain or shine, they will make their rounds in the housing estates. Under the rain they get drenched and under the sun they get scorched by the heat. And yet they will peddle on, some with their rickety bicycles, from one housing estate to another. Once, on my way home, I passed by one of them and after a while when I have reached home, I was astonished to see the same person in my housing estate: a distance of about 15 to 20km!

I am sure many of you must have seen these ice-cream sellers in your vicinity, whose sight will bring joy to the children. My wife's friend had once witnessed one of them being robbed in broad daylight and how the ice-cream seller cried with so much sadness and anger as he had lost all his 'sweat' money.

I wouldn't really know how much they earn a day, but the hardship that they endured to survive has my greatest admiration. It has given me a sense of hope and inspiration when things are getting tough for me.

If the ice-cream sellers can earn a living under such harsh and difficult conditions, how about others then?
Will they be able to survive or 'melt' like the ice-cream in a tough working environment?
Can those who have been retrenched adapt to survive under the current economic downturn and do they have the gumption to seek alternatives?

Unlike those artificially and highly commercialized created idols from the American Idols and a host of many other reality shows, my idols have added values to my life.


lkh said...

Life is difficult then he has to peddle on. We saw his hardship of finding a proper way of going on surviving happily. To him and his family to the person who buys his ice-cream is a formation of harmonic society. People have many choices to choose. Some willing to stay at home doing nothing. Some intend to be rich easy by robbing. Some well to do work as hard as horse and cow as the ice-cream seller. But it is profoundly unable to differential it how come those outcomes of resultants are exactly that enormously dissimilar and remorsefully imperfect. People live as human have too many commitments to iron it. Some have the super chance to get higher education for them to try bettering their earning. Some simply try their luck on gambling. Some have no choice but to sell ice-cream making a minim earning. Many a many couldn't be straightly keying here, wait for some other time to bullshit again.TQ N Cheer!

cancan said...

Life is certainly tough and no matter how tough it may be,I hope we are able to plough on like the ice-cream seller.