May 18, 2009

The end of the world

I am no fortune teller and extremely poor in predictions, especially the four digit numbers in lottery draws.

Looking at the catastrophic events, natural or otherwise that have unfolded before our eyes, do you think or have the slightest inkling that the world is at its most vulnerable now?

The outbreak of the Spanish flu in 1918 which had killed thousands in America and Europe is back to haunt us. Just as we thought the Spanish flu virus has been eradicated, it has now mutated itself into a super bug and is back with a ‘vengeance’!
It has evolved into killer diseases like the Ebola virus, AIDs, SARs and now the swine flu with no effective medicine available until now and the quarantine of the infected victims being the only way to contain the spread of the disease. With the help of modern technology and the advent of the airplanes, theses viruses are able to spread with super speed with the potential to cause a pandemic.
Brace yourself against these mutants!

The effect of global warming has made its presence felt with the soaring temperature in the past few weeks in many places. The glaciers are melting and in the event of a massive meltdown of these glaciers, many islands will be submerged underwater: including the little red dot. And the scorching heat will cause massive droughts, thereby making agriculture for food impossible, resulting in food shortages and famines.

As if this world is created to self-destruct and not vulnerable enough, there are many super volcanoes waiting to erupt with even greater force than that of Mt. Krakatua's eruption in 1883. Likewise, massive earthquakes like the one in Sichuan or even greater on the Ritcher scale could trigger huge tsunamis without warning. And please do not forget about the possibility of the Big Bang. A strike of a small piece from the many asteroids that hover around in outer space is enough to cause colossal damages to any country. A giant size will wipe out the planet earth!

The 9/11 terror attack against the United States has almost single handedly brought the world to its knees in the fight against terrorism. There are many more wars which the world has to fight: drug war, guerrilla war, biological war and nuclear war. And the end result of all these wars is: destruction of mankind!

Do we have the chutzpah to ignore these inclement catastrophic events?

No matter what we call this phenomenon, Apocalypse or Armageddon, nobody can withstand the wrath of God.

Instead of us speculating on the when, let us focus on the how: How can we live our days and have a meaningful life?

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