May 13, 2009

Where is the foundation for good governance?

In any structural building, the laying of the foundation is of paramount importance to prevent it from collapsing. It is the utmost challenging task of the engineer to see that the foundation is solid and strong. In the event of any structural defects or worse still, if the building collapses, the engineer is liable to be fined, jailed and his practicing license terminated.

If we are to juxtapose the above context to the governance of a country, then the PM who, like the engineer must be able to build a strong foundation for unity, peace and prosperity so that the system of the whole country will not collapse like what is happening to some countries in Africa now.

Since the launched of the first and subsequently second economic stimulus packages by the new PM, the impact and benefits have yet to be enjoyed by the people. Furthermore, with the liberalization of the economy, albeit at a slow pace, the pulse of the implementations have not really being felt yet. If the implantation is weak, then the whole system of the plan is bound to collapse.

The political impasse in Perak has caused so much confusions and frustrations among the people that the foundation of the judiciary seems shaky. The takeover of the state government by BN from PR through nefarious means is tantamount to against the rule of law. And the manner in which the Speaker was removed from the State Assembly with the help of the police has seriously compromised the image of the police force. Furthermore, the yes-no-yes decision on the rightful Menteri Besar by the court has certainly rocked the already fragile foundation of the judiciary.

The avocation of the 1Malaysia concept by the PM calls for greater unity among the people. To walk the talk, the PM has been attending festivals of the other races which is only a symbolic gesture and means nothing if the other politicians and the Little Napoleons in the government are holding courts of their own. And after more than 50 years of independence, the government seems to finally realize now that the unity of the people is the key factor for the country to move forward. But then, the foundation for unity has been rocked by so many incitements of racial hatreds that it needs a lot of ‘piling’ again.
Is time on our side?

With the foundation of the three strong pillars (economy, judiciary and unity) for good governance being severely hit, do you think the current government can withstand the pressure? Or Should we sack the' engineer'?


Anonymous said...

Don't you know Malaysia has come up with a new building technology where they start building from the roof downwards and placing the foundation LAST!

Remember our Proton Saga being launched in the 80's? We could not even produce a bicycle then and our National bicycle was only produced after our national car, national motorcycle and national light plane! So this is analogous to erecting a building from the roof downwards, putting in the foundation LAST!

lkh said...

A good and efficient government needs its people giving strong support to help building it. People should be getting self motivated participating with full involvement into it. Government has the duty to fund it to set up institutions to make people to be more interested in politic. Government should be always implementing fair policies with transparency and accountability. Allowing people to check and balance it. If these above mentioned conditions can be fulfilled, a good government is given a chance to be good of it. Other wise the government will be bent to be crooked and corrupted. If people are ignorant in politic and lack of involvement into it, the government will sure become discreditably unwarrantable. Our government is lack of many things. It is unable to recover its illness from a short period of time. It needs good doctor and medicine with empiricism to cure it. Of course the sacking of its bad engineer is definitely must be done. It is people's noble job to elect a good with consciousness of engineer to run and master in building a strong foundation for a country.

cancan said...

Anonymous, that is why Proton is always in the midst of collapsing for building the foundation last.

As lkh said, maybe we should sack the engineer and rebuild a strong foundation ourselves for the future of our children.

Can it be done?
It is up to all of us.

Anonymous said...

And that's why I say the incomplete slogan "MALAYSIA BOLEH" should be completed with the word "MATI"!

donplaypuks® said...

Avocation? Surely you meant evocation?

A good foundation pre-supposes so many things which have been compromised in the name of the NEP.

It will take us many more years to catch up with our neighbours.

lkh said...

LKY of Singapore won't allow his offspring to sit there waiting for Malaysia to catch it up. Provided we believe in one thing confidently. Put our fates in PR's hand.
Anwar from UMNO. He knows inside out of UMNO political ideology. After fucked up by his rival, he has changed himself. Therefore he is a changed man. He could be the engineer Malaysia needs. Let him be the mastered engineer to consolidate the shaky flabby foundation for Malaysia, then Malaysia would be having the chances to parallel itself with its neighbors...............Go.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I say let DSAI have a go as PM of Malaysia for a change!

lkh said...