May 28, 2009


Political parties’ elections in this country usually attract a lot of attentions from both friends and foes alike. The party election of PAS on the 5th June is no different and its coalition partners of DAP and PKR will await the outcome intently while Umno, its political foe awaits the outcome with either further rejection or cooperation.

While Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has been return unopposed as the President, the result of the three corner- fight for the Deputy President among Nashruddin, Mat Sabu and Datuk Husam Musa, will certainly has an impact on the future road PAS will be heading: a more religious approach of the ulama way or a more liberal approach of the Erdogan way.

While it is a well known fact that both Nashruddin and Mat Sabu are in favour of cooperating with Umno, Husam Musa and his mentor, Tok Guru Niz Aziz are against it. It is also well known that Husam Musa who is an economist rather then an ulamak, is being groomed by Niz Aziz to be his successor as the Menteri Besar of Kelantan and which has caused some animosities among party members.

An interesting point for discussion here is the view expressed by Husam Musa that PAS should not cooperate with Umno and it is time for PAS to play the dominant party now while Umno, after more than 50 years of political dominance is struggling to correct its image problem. Furthermore, his view that PAS should remain centrist demonstrates the wisdom of the man.

During the last GE and the subsequent by-elections, there has been tremendous support by both the Malays and the non-Malays for PAS. I am certain that never in the wildest dream of the hardcore supporters of PAS that they are able to see the Chinese and the Indians holding and waving the PAS flags. It is just incredulous of PAS to have gained such support and most probably it would like to capitalize on it.

Conversely, PKR under the stewardship of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim seems to be on the wrong footing lately. Unlike the supporters of PAS who showed extreme loyalty, PKR needs to identify the Aminahs, Ezams and the Zulkiflis in the party before any more damages by these members become beyond repair.

Looking back at the history of PAS, one must realize that it has been consistent with its ideology and has demonstrated a great degree of fairness to the non-muslims in its governing state of Kelantan. One only needs to hear the comments of Tok Guru with regards to race relations and politics to have a heart for the party. While Umno uses the racial card with impunity to gain support of the Malays, PAS uses spiritual advice of the Tok Guru as an epitome for racial tolerance.

Do you think PAS should replace Umno as the dominant party of Malaysia?
If PAS were to lead, what future do you foresee for this country?

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lkh said...

PAS is unable to rule over Malaysia without the support of UMNO's Malay. PAS knows it as well as BN also knows it. That's why some of them both from BN and PAS having the idea of combination to form a new group of ruling elites purely consisting only Malay.
Chinese and Indians are minority in this country compare to Malay. In the future may be after Mr. Anwar, political scenario in Malaysia is dominated by PAS's Malay. PR is the sample for PAS to duplicate it as a new form of political power rules over Malaysia. The replacement of BN is now in the brewing. Through PR success in taking over of federal government, PAS will be positioned in dominating center of PR. Its fundamental targeted aim is to rule over Malaysia with few elites from BN.
To my thinking that religion can not mutually combine with politic. It will conflict to impasses. Power and wealth will change human's religious thinking of ideology. History in the world shows that religious politicians can not regroup themselves to form an efficient government. Inconsistency of governance will kill them off.