May 21, 2009

Penanti: No contest,so what?

Hooray, BN is not contesting against PKR in the Penanti by-election!

Is there any cause for celebration?
I do not think so and would like to forward the following pointers:

1) Currently, BN is on damaged control and the new PM is trying hard to portray a good image of BN. Since the chances of BN to win are very slim, another lost will cause greater damage to BN in general and the new PM in particular. Furthermore, since the seat was vacated by the PKR candidate to solve its internal problem, why should BN contest then?

2) The BN do not want to play the game of by-elections presumably planned by PR. In fact BN has accused PR of wasting public funds by holding such by-elections instead of concentrating on working for the people which may change the perceptions of PR supporters. Like in advertising, perceptions can be changed through the medias and the mainstream medias are control by BN!

3) Since the people are already fed-up with so many politicking, any more calls by PR for by-elections will certainly backfire against them and which I am sure BN will attack them from all corners.

4) What if PKR loses the by-election to an independent candidate?
This will allow BN to come out in full swing and well prepared for the Perak state election. A victory for BN will either ‘paralyze’ or destroy the coalition of PR through the blitzkrieg of the mainstream medias.

5) The seemingly dissatisfaction of the Indian members in PR and the formation of the Malaysian Makkal Sakti Party which is able to be registered within two months do not augur well for PR. I am certain that BN will play the devil in disguise to slowly break the support of the Indian community for PR.

6) The leaders of BN have already realized their weaknesses and will retreat to fight PR another day. I sincerely hope, the leaders and supporters of PR will not be overconfident and must also realize that the euphoria of the March GE is slowly fading away, if not already faded.
As such, PR must stay focus and be seen to get the job done for the people.


lkh said...

Your 6 pointers have clarified its fact.
May I mutilate it add another point as # 7?
Najib has smartly discarded Tun Ma's suggestion that he and his son could master the contest in Penanti. This deletion of Tun Ma demanding to be involved further an inch politically has shown that he isn't under the influence of him.(Tun MM)

Sometime stupidity makes an imbecile eventually. Coveting of Perak government is fatally reflected their future defeat in GE 13th.

cancan said...

Whatever it is,lkh, PR needs to play smart,act smart but never think they are very smart.

cancan said...

Whatever it is,lkh, PR needs to play smart,act smart but never think they are very smart.

lkh said...

I heartily agree with you by it. PR needs all those smarter tactic to overcome the problems they might face. Bn is much witter than PR. Sometime PR is too soft due to their quagmire quality of member's personality. 2 dirty frogs jumped ship to other party is the significant sign that reflects PKR's members are a bit out of political ideology. Many of them are using PR as jumping stone for them to gain political mileage. That can be said they are as devilish as BN's goons. Malay in PAS is more stable in qualification. They might help gaining power for PR to form a new government in waiting. At the moment Malaysia needs the change. A change of rejuvenation itself for searching future betterment for the next generation to come. As a small and financially weak country like Malaysia needs a stronger and creditable government to lead its people moving forward to better future. Education quality and living standard is must to be improved. Other wise, life in future for many citizens will be lack of happiness and stable environment of living condition. This must be aware. PR has the enormous duty to bring those necessary transformation to Malaysia since it has branded itself having the ability and keenness for changing Malaysia. We must do our duties to let others know that we really need a changed, efficient and accountable government for good. By telling other voters to vote for the ideal parties that are able to work for us. Thanks and cheer!