Jun 10, 2009

Back to square one?

So the ulamaks have won in the just concluded Pas party election and which has set the political pundits’ tongues wagging with regards to the topic of political cooperation with its arc enemy, Umno.

While Pas has been steadily rising as a political force and appears to be able to replace Umno as the dominant party in the country, the logical question that everyone would want to know is: Why is the party President and his Deputy seem so keen to cooperate with Umno which is on the decline politically? Are there any plans or agendas which even the party’s spiritual leader Tok Guru Nik Aziz and its political allies in PR do not know?

If Pas is indeed pursuing to go ahead with its plan to cooperate with Umno, despite the outcry of PR supporters, then it will change the political landscape. There is no way that DAP and PKR will allow one of its coalition partners to cooperate with the political enemy.Thus, Pas will either have to stop the unity talk or be expelled from PR. In fact the war of words have already started among the component parties of PR, which must be to the delight of Umno.

If Pas were to join Umno, it will create a lot of unnecessary tension among the other parties in BN. Hence, Pas will be left to fight the political front mainly on its own. Perhaps, it will strategically plan and cooperate with Umno in the next GE which Umno will maximize this advantage to the fullest to regain the support of the Malays. We will again see and hear the rhetoric of racial issues which we all detest: pendatang , ketuanan Melayu, NEP and religion. Ultimately, Umno will gain the most from such cooperation and Pas will need to relearn its political history.

In the meantime, while we wait for the next GE, we need to prepare ourselves mentally to live through the political hell of racism again.

It is in the next GE, where there are many more millions of young new voters who are educated and cybermedia savvy and are able to differentiate between the rights from wrongs, truths from lies that the future of this country depends on.
Let them move this country forward.


lkh said...

Do you know why, Cancan?
It is because of their stupidity.(pointed to those two newly elected PAS's president and its deputy.)
They could be bought over to jump ship by UMNO.
Up to their stupidity, they have become an instrument as usage of destitution to PR's political strength. Malay at PAS folder can not be trusted at all. They are shortsighted politically. No ideology! Dumb shit. Dungy!

cancan said...

At the end of the day,lkh, I believe it is the young voters who are able to change this country. So let us all make sure that your brothers, sisters,relatives, friends and all are registered voters.
Every single vote counts.

lkh said...

CC you are absolutely right.
Every single vote counts.
The day must be coming as a new day for all Malaysian. (70% of it'll be OK)
With best wish!?