Jun 14, 2009

Malaysia, what is the problem?

-->The debate over the teaching of English should never be an issue
For us to move forward the language must be pursued
Without a pass and grammar lessons, the quality certainly needs constant reviews
Or else, those scrolls will be treated just like another tissue

When buildings can collapse so easily
It is obvious for all to see that something must be fishy
To get things done, one needs to give some candies
Do not be surprised when there are more collapses with untold calamities

We were once a sporting nation that used to play soccer like a tiger
What we are seeing now are some glimmers that usually end with a whimper
When millions are already spent, how many champions are there for us to pamper?
And with so many failures, shouldn't those shameless seat warmers be goners?

Our transport system is plague with a never ending story heading to nowhere
Ticket touts here and there, traffic jams seem to be everywhere
Taxi drivers blatantly overcharging do not give a damn and just do not care
Are the authorities so helpless to act as if they do not even dare?

MACC, I see you see, do not be a folly
Show you bravery to nab those regardless of the identity
Through sports and unity
We can bring the country back to its glory

1 comment:

lkh said...

Talking about taxi.
I have something to share with.
Days ago, I with my wife in KL riding taxi visiting friend near Jln Sentul. Radio was on its sound volume was highly rose.
MY wife's hand-phone rang, she couldn't hear clearly and talk properly to opposite caller. I immediately asked the driver turned the volume lower politely. He refused. I got damaged but said nothing.
Looked at his face, it was terribly sour and signed of unfriendly at all time. It seemed we were not inside the taxi as though no body was there.
When arriving Sentul, we paid him and got down of taxi, he never said a word not even a thank you. Even though I didn't expect him to greet me with a word of thank you and friendly smile, but I felt disappointed at him.
I don't know how he manages his work as taxi driver. At least, he has to maintain basic manner as he is depended on taxi-fare to earn a comfort living. But with such a bad attitude of service, could he possibly be a capable taxi driver?
Don't you think our transport minister should arrange some one to get the info for him for improving taxi services in town? Taxi driver could be important part of uplifting Malaysia image.
May be no one in the government know about it. No body is told. I was unlucky to ride a taxi driving by an ill-manner driver.