Jun 27, 2009

New kid in cyberspace

Just as we thought that the cyberspace is already crowded with too many news portals and out came a newly launched one: www. malaysianmirror.com

It certainly takes a lot of courage for the entrepreneurs to venture into such a competitive industry. To dispel the notion by the viewers as just another ‘me too’ product will indeed be a great challenge for the profitability of the company. Anyway, when so much of efforts and money have been poured in, I am sure the company must have solid plans ahead. Maybe they will go into a niche market where no one dares to venture and be different from the others.

When the mainstream medias are under the control of political parties, do you expect to get a fair reporting where truths and fairness prevail? For far too often we have come across news that are distorted to suit the political masters and truths that are half-told. In some instances, one newspaper is allowed to publish news that are seditious and detrimental to racial harmony with impunity.
And when explosive scandals that seem to involve some people with political connects, such news are either censored or swept under the carpet.

In this age of cyber era where the source for information is unlimited and uncensored, a solid platform is available for the people to seek the truths and issues can become clearer from the murkiness of our local reporting.

My philosophy for explosive news is as such: Believe 50% in the local mainstream medias and the other 50% from the cyber medias. I will do an analysis from the facts and figures from both sources and then conclude my own judgment, which normally do not disappoint me.

The wrongdoers can run away from facts but they cannot run away from the truths.
And truths kill.

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