Sep 10, 2010

Same time,same talk every year

Malaysia is truly a unique country.

Every year, the people celebrate a smorgasbord of festivities and with such a cultural pot of diversities, it is an envy of many. To any smart government, such diversities will be utilized like an asset for greater benefits of the country. However, in Malaysia such an asset is being treated like a liability, causing a slew of frustrations,anger and unhappiness among the people.

Like a great theatrical act, whenever a festive season approaches, the ruling politicians will call for unity, respect and blah blah blah every year.

Don't these politicians understand the meaning of walking the talk and stop talking the cock? Don't they realize that the people are already blase with all the politicking in the country?
Don't they know that there are so much of catching up to do in this fast world of globalization?

Sigh, maybe I should stop complaining and go watch movie instead.

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