Sep 4, 2008

Haunting tales

My friend once told me of a story about a rich Chinese timber tycoon who stayed in a big bungalow near his house and own a few cars. At that period of time, with such wealth, he was looked upon like a king in his town.

One day, while he was driving to town, my friend's mother happened to be at the bus-stop to go to town too. When she saw this tycoon and since she knew him as a neighbor, she waved at his car hoping to hitch a ride to the town.

The tycoon stopped his car, lowered the window and said:"Do you think you have a share in this car?" and drove off.
My friend's mother told him that she felt very humiliated and will never forget the words uttered.

Ten years later, the business of this timber tycoon collapsed and he became a bankrupt.
Since then, each time he saw my friend's mother, he tried to avoid her like a leper avoiding to be seen in public. His sheer arrogance had haunted him ever since.

Today, after more than 30 years, the same scenario of arrogance happens again, albeit politically.

Who can forget the action of the keris wielding by the Education Minister three years ago?
Who can forget the statement,"I will bath the keris with Chinese blood" by the DPM more than ten years ago?

Like my friend's mother, the rakyat are humiliated and will never forget what has been said and done against them, no matter how long ago.

During the March general election and the PP by-election, the above statements were repeated and repeated among the voters and it will certainly haunt them throughout their political lives.
And the end result, the opposition parties won through the voters retaliation against the sheer arrogance and racism of the Umno goons.

Now, we have another political goon from the same arrogant and racist party who said the Malaysian Chinese are immigrants.
Since making the statement and like the bankrupt tycoon, he has avoided to be seen in public like a leper.
Oh boy, this statement is going to haunt him in his political career for sure.
These goons never learn and with such altruism, their downfall is imminent.

The once almighty Umno is falling and it will crumble and tumble hard along the way because the weight of sheer arrogance and racism are too heavy for it to hold anymore.

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The Earth is round, what goes around, comes around!