Apr 26, 2008

Ninth Malaysia Plan - A case study in review

The Ninth Malaysia Plan represents the first five- year blueprint of the National Mission outlining the policies and key programmes to thrust the economy forward for the 2006 - 2010 period and was officially launched by the Prime Minister on the 31st March 2006
It has already been two years since the launched, so let us review the Ninth Malaysian Plan and the direction it is heading.
Let us take this as a political platform for an open discussion and use the following questionnaires as a guideline so that we can focus on the core issues .
1) Looking at the allocations of the budget to all the ministries, can you name a project and achievement of significant by any ministry?
2) Do you think the Ministries of Education and Higher Education (refer to below link) are justified to be given such a high allocation?
3) All the states are already allocated a budget for development (refer to below link). Why is the Federal Government so reluctant or hesitant to provide the money to the Pakatan Rakyat government to continue the development plans?

4) “There are many projects we are in the process of reviewing,” said the PM. (The Star 24.04.08). Do you agree that major projects should be reviewed?
5) Looking at the world economy, especially in the United States, do you think the implementation of the Ninth Malaysian Plan is taking us to the right direction to a progressive, peaceful and prosperity for all Malaysians?
6) What are you views on the current political situation in relation to the outcome of the Ninth Malaysian Plan?

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